Minecraft: How to improve FPS and game performance with these settings

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If you have a computer from a few years ago, it is likely that your games at Minecraft They can slow down, especially when there are many elements on the screen at the same time.

While you shouldn’t have a problem if you have a computer recent, the truth is that changing a series of settings it can end up being essential for the games to be the smoothest and most satisfying possible in Minecraft.

That is why we have created this guide with tips that will allow you to increase the FPS in Minecraft and, ultimately, make the games do not suffer.

We also advise you to press Shift + F3 to open the debug screen, and press alt + F3 to open the debug screen but with the FPS time graph to control it.

Minecraft: How to improve FPS and game performance with these settings

Avoid the Nether

This tip may be surprising, but the nether is full of different elements that can slow down your computer with lots of lava and flying particles.

If you have an older computer perhaps you should avoid this biome until you upgrade it, or you will experience a significant FPS drop.

Updating Java and OpenJDK

Since the main Minecraft game runs in Java, you should make sure you have the latest version installed and check that the executable corresponds to the operating system and binary capabilities of the computer.

You can also opt for the open source version of Java known as OpenJDK which allows for optimization and performance improvements in Minecraft.

Beware of multiplayer

Apart from any particular biome, if you are enjoying multiplayer and your computer is very limited, you should avoid heavily populated areas.

Get more out of flat terrain

There are a lot more particles and items on the higher ground, so if you’re having difficulty running Minecraft, you should stick to the plains with as few natural items as possible.

Graphics card drivers

Much of the computer gaming performance comes from the graphics card, and we advise you to check if you have updated drivers. If you need to update them you can go through the manufacturer’s website.

Beware of render distance

It is a title in which a multitude of elements are constantly charged from great distances, but you can reduce it.

For this we advise you to go to the options, then to video settings, and you should find a bar that controls the rendering distance in the upper right part of the menu.

Close other apps or tasks you have open

If your computer is very tight, make sure you don’t have other applications open such as a video editor, image editor or even a messaging application. The idea is that we free up the maximum amount of RAM possible when we are running Minecraft.

Manage graphics settings

But we have to go to video settings. We advise you to set the FPS to the maximum, turn off the shaders and set the lighting to soft.

It also sets particles to minimum, turns off V-Sync, disables anti-aliasing for biomes, and lowers FOV.

With these configurations you will increase the FPS to the maximum but leaving aside some graphic fancy things that may not interest you.

Disable full screen

Disabling full screen results in less rendering and is a smoother experience. To do this you must change the full screen to off and reduce the size of the window.

You should also locate the Minecraft shortcut, right click on it, go to properties, go to the compatibility tab and disable “Full Screen Optimizations”.

Change computer performance

If you have a Windows computer, you should look for the power options, and there you can change the intensity of the performance and the power usage of the computer.

installing mods

Finally, we recommend looking for optimization modifications such as OptiFine, or other mods that serve that purpose, favoring performance but jeopardizing other graphic issues that may interest you less.

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