Monster Hunter Rise: 6 tips and tricks you’ll appreciate knowing if you’re new to the game

Monster Hunter Rise: 6 tips and tricks you'll appreciate knowing if you're new to the game

Monster Hunter Rise It has already been released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Game Pass after passing through Nintendo Switch and PC. If you want to enjoy the opportunity and are already preparing for the hunt, you may want to go with some general advice already learned.

Here we leave you with 6 tips and tricks if you are a novice hunter or rookie in Monster Hunter Rise. A new adventure awaits you in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y Game Pass.

Be patient, learn and know the game

Monster Hunter has always been characterized as a saga that isn’t too kind to the player in its first hours. However, with Rise, Capcom has done a great job of welcoming new hunters.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the depth of the game. Don’t worry about the game giving you all its hit systems, you’ll understand them as you hunt and hunt. This is not a sprint, but a distance race and you will enjoy it much more as you progress little by little.

If you want to know more about how the management systems work, the food, the best armor, the tactics against the most dangerous monsters and other material, in our general game guide you will find everything:

Explore the hunting grounds and understand the monsters

Monster Hunter Rise does one thing very well: open hunting environments are tremendously entertaining to explore. Each one is unique and offers lots of possibilities. If you know the map, you will also know the beasts that inhabit it.

help yourself to your faithful Canyne To speed through the landscapes, use the Great Cordopters to soar through the skies and explore your environment to find valuable materials. Believe yourself a hunter and you will end up being one.

Each monster is special and while it is true that the first fights are always a great challenge, their prolongation will make you feel more and more comfortable. Beware of interspecies territorial fights!

Materials are plentiful, but don’t weigh yourself down

The Monster Hunter Rise system pushes the player to continue improving through all kinds of weapon and armor trees. The materials to obtain said hunting tools are extremely numerous.

Nevertheless, the vast majority you can guess from which monster or resource on the map they are extracted. resort to your hunter’s journal for it, although do not fear. Here we leave you some extra guides related to the strangest materials in the game.

Specialize in a couple of weapons

The 14 different types of weapons that Monster Hunter Rise offers can be intimidating for a few players. Therefore, better than specialize in a couple and understand how one works before moving on to the next. Each one has extremely varied and deep combos.

What are the most interesting to start with? The long sword is extremely versatile, sword and shield will allow you to compensate for the lack of experience and the arco it’s a fairly straightforward weapon with a lot of depth if you like to play with ranged weapons.

Village quests are just the beginning

When you start your journey Carpenterthe village of Monster Hunter Rise, two types of quests will be available: those of the village itself and those of the hunter guild. Our advice is to focus on the former.

This way you will learn the key concepts of the game at a much more appropriate pace. Although be careful, finishing these missions is not ending the game. Once you complete them go to the guild tavern and here you can tackle the High Rank missionswith new monsters and the true ending to the game’s plot.

Learn to use the cordopter

The cordopter is what defines, for the most part, Monster Hunter Rise. This tool will give you incredible mobility, both in combat and out of it. If you control its use you will enjoy the game much more.

Impulses with the Cordopter are essential to vertically traverse hunting grounds, perform epic and deadly combos and even evade attacks that could leave you stiff. It’s a fun tool.

And after this, we can only tell you: Happy hunting! A great adventure awaits you. Of course, you should not miss our general Monster Hunter Rise guide: cheats, tips, best weapons and armor, secrets and much more.

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