New Dead by Dealight codes for January 2023: these are the free rewards you can get

New Dead by Dealight codes for January 2023: these are the free rewards you can get

It never hurts to play a game Dead by Daylight. Its launch in 2016 for PC was so successful that Behavior quickly launched the versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, something that does not surprise us.

After Dead by Daylight, titles like Friday the 13th: The Game, Dragon Ball The Breakers or the future The Texas Chainsaw Massacre have imitated its asymmetric formula, but without achieving the same success.

In summer it will be 7 years since the release of Dead by Daylight, but it seems that time does not pass for this multiplayer game. are already available new codes that you can redeem this month of January 2023 to get FREE prizes.

Be careful, in this guide we only include those codes that are active, but in the next few days they could expire. These are all active codes for Dead by Daylight in January 2023.

Codes January 2023 and how to redeem them

In Dead by Daylight there are a series of very useful elements to progress. Some examples are blood points (Bloodpoints) and amuletsso it never hurts to get more just by redeeming codes.

In the same way, other codes grant outfits and clothing items for Dead by Daylight characters. We also remember that is an iconic game for the LGTBIQ+ community.

To redeem a code in Dead by Daylight, all you have to do is start the game and enter the Store tab.

Once you are in the store, click on Redeem code and enter the one you want to redeem. Accept the operation and you will get the corresponding prize.

Notice: Permanent codes can be redeemed whenever you want, regardless of whether or not x time has passed since they were active.

These are all Dead by Daylight active codes in January 2023updated to today:

  • LUNAR: Top for Nea Karlsson, pants for David King and exclusive weapon.
  • LUCKY: Striped Top for Jane and Moon Rat Hammer for Hillbilly.
  • RABBIT: Moon Rat Cap for Dwight and Scarlet Bladed Weapon for Spirit.
  • PRIDE2022: Charm of Pride (permanent).
  • PRIDE: Amulet of the Rainbow Flag.
  • CAWCAW: ”Pride Feathers” amulet.
  • Nice: 69 blood points (permanent).

These are all active codes (as of January 23, 2023) for Dead by Daylight. You can redeem them right now in any version of the game, but who knows if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will still be active.

Dead by Daylight is a paid game, but you can enjoy it at no additional cost if you are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus Extra/Premium.

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