New meta in FIFA 23: tips and tricks to adapt and 5 very cheap meta players

New meta in FIFA 23: tips and tricks to adapt and 5 very cheap meta players

We are in the TOTY era, and with it the possibility of revolutionizing our plays in FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamnot only with new cards, but also with new meta strategies.

And the goal is what is working now, what is going to make you win and be above the rest in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and we are going to give you a series of tips that you can use right now in your games.

In addition to the previous advice, we want to recommend a series of cheap cards under 200,000 coins that you should sign right now from the transfer market of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team because they are very worth it.

So we are going with this guide to recommend a series of meta tips and tricks and a series of essential cards for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

New meta in FIFA 23: tips and tricks to adapt and 5 very cheap meta players

First, we want to start the article by giving you a series of recommendations on meta tips and tricks that are working very well right now and that are going to make you win a few games very easily:

  • After the last update, the game on the wing has been boosted a lot more, so make the most of it because you’re going to get a lot of goals and good results.
  • In order not to miss any pass, always do it in the direction in which the footballer is looking.
  • A very simple way to score a goal is to go up the flank with one of the best footballers in terms of crosses, and then go low to the central area of ​​the opponent’s area so that your best finisher can shoot on goal, and believe us that Many goals are scored like this now.
  • Try R1 plus triangle, as it is a powerful pass that is currently being used to break through defensive lines and any line that puts the opponent in midfield.

5 goal cards you should get right now in FIFA 23

Robertone (11,000 coins)

Kemen (10,000 coins)

Diatta (17,000 coins)

Dybala (30,000 coins)

Rashford (140,000 coins)

That is why we recommend you take advantage of all these tricks and the cards that we recommend before they go up in price in the next few hours.

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