New to Marvel Snap? The best cards and strategies with the starting cards

New to Marvel Snap?  The best cards and strategies with the starting cards

One of the keys to the success of Marvel Snapcard game (from the director of Hearthstone) free to play on iOS and Android mobiles, is how easy and fast it is to get cards in the first hours of the game.

Matchmaking will also match you up with players of a similar level, so you won’t run into impossible cards that it will take you hours to even get a chance to unlock.

At the beginning, all players will have exactly the same cards, which guarantees parity of opportunities. But what cards to choose among all those available at the beginning?

Best Marvel Snap Starting Cards

When you start Marvel Snap, you will have at your disposal 13 starting cardsunlocked from the beginning.

These will teach you to try different strategies… and chances are you’ll get used to some of these cards and keep using them later on. They are the following:

  • Abomination (5-9)
  • Cyclops (3-4)
  • Hawkeye (1-1)
  • Hulk (6-12)
  • Iron Man (5-0)
  • Medusa (2-2)
  • Misty Knight (1-2)
  • The Punisher (3-2)
  • Quicksilver (1-2)
  • Sentinel (2-3)
  • Shocker (2-3)
  • Star-Lord (2-2)
  • The Thing (4-6)

Star-Lord (2 energy-2 power), for example, is a good card for play. Get ahead of your rival and try to guess where he is going to place a card. If you put a card in the same location that the opponent also played, it will gain +3 power.

Hawkeye (1-1) It is similar: receive +2 power if you play another card on the next turn. Therefore, it is a good card to cast in the first turn if in the second you are going to play another one in the same place, and you can use it to fill the location depending on the effects of the location itself, or with cards like Ant-Man (1-1)which earn points if you have a full location (and which will be another one you unlock first).

The bad thing is that playing Hawkeye is clearly telling your opponent what your next move is going to be, which will allow them to play cards like Star-Lord. That is why it is not usual to see it played later.

Sentinel (2-3) is another card with an interesting effect: when you play it, it calls another Sentinel to your hand. A priori, it is not a very strong card, but it is interesting to use it because, if you reach the Shift 5 or 6 you don’t have good plays with the 5 or 6 cost cards… it’s because you don’t have to use them! Sometimes reserving multiple 1-3 cost cards for turn 6 is a good strategy to surprise your opponent by playing multiple locations at the same time. Divide and conquer!

The Thing (4-6) it is one of the few cards that you will get without effect. And although it is sometimes attractive due to its high power, it is not recommended like others that have less power, but better strategies.

Iron Man (5-0) it’s the opposite: it costs 5 energy, so you can only put it on turn 5 under normal conditions, and it does not cause any power. But its Continuous effect doubles the power of the location, and it is also Continuous: if you play another card on turn 6, its power will also be doubled. Probably the best letter of all the initials!

Recruiting Season Cards

Before you start enjoying the season passes (which also have free rewards) you will go through the Recruit Season. As you complete missions and earn Season XP, you can unlock five more cards:

  • Ant-Man (1-1)
  • Blue Marvel (5-3)
  • Colossus (2-3)
  • Gamora (5-7)
  • Ironheart (3-0)

Of these five letters, our favorite is Gamora (5-7)for the same reason that we told you about Hawkeye before: it favors anticipating the opponent’s movements, since if we place it in the same location in which the opponent played a card, it will gain +5 power (to the 7 that already has, makes it a very powerful card for the fifth turn).

Secondly, Colossus (2-3) it will be the first indestructible and immovable card you receive. In my experience, it’s not an effect that I take advantage of very often… except when in the featured locations of the week (the ones that come up most often) there is one that destroys or moves our cards, like Danger Room. In those cases, you can temporarily add it to your deck!

Collection level 1-14

In parallel to the Recruit Season cards, during the first collection levels, 1-14, we will very quickly unlock the following cards:

  • Jessica Jones (4-4)
  • Ka-Zar (4-4)
  • Mister Fantastic (3-2)
  • Spectrum (6-5)
  • Nightcrawler (1-2)
  • Wolfsbane (3-1)
  • White Tiger (5-1)
  • Odin (6-8)

We have another guide where we go into some of the cards in this “Pool 0” in depth, among which we highlight Jessica Jones (you can add 4+4 power if you leave it free in the next turn and order your plays), or Odinwhich works very well with cards with On Reveal effects, such as White Tigersince it causes them to reveal themselves twice.

Mister Fantastic is another incredibly versatile one: if you place it in the center, you will give power to all three locations. But it shines especially when there are locations where cards can no longer be placed or they are destroyed: since we told you about Colossus, it is a good card to have on hand and temporarily add to the deck if the featured locations start to annoy us.

And let’s not say Scarlet Witch…that can completely change the location, just like in the Dynasty of M comics or the Wandavision series!

You will unlock these cards quickly until you reach the collection level 14…and then you’ll randomly unlock cards from Pool 1, which has 46 cards, until you reach set level 214, where you’ll move on to Pool 2.

Here we leave you with the complete guide to Marvel Snap, the free to play card game on iOS and Android, and other articles such as Nick Fury or Zero’s target decks, best discard strategies, how to get Season Pass cards without paying or the best deck with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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