New to The Last of Us Part 1? Tricks and tips that you will appreciate knowing before you start playing

New to The Last of Us Part 1?  Tricks and tips that you will appreciate knowing before you start playing

The Last of Us Parte 1 comes to PC and this gives a great opportunity to a number of players who have never been able to enjoy this PlayStation saga. Don’t you know too well the main mechanics of the franchise of Naughty Dog?

You may have seen the HBO Max series, but this goes a step further. Surviving in The Last of Us Part 1 is no easy task, and surviving newbies are easy prey. Therefore, here we leave you with a few tips, tricks and recommendations ideal for new players.

New to The Last of Us Part 1? Tricks and tips that you will appreciate knowing before you start playing

Hide and seek will be your favorite game

The Last of Us combat can be very fast and frantic, but the game has a knack for making it extremely dynamic. If you find yourself cornered or discovered, the vast majority of scenarios will allow you to run away and hide.

Once you’ve slipped back in, you’ll regain the upper hand and be able to explore previously unavailable avenues. Hit and run is a good way to get ahead within The Last of Us Part 1.

Grab all you can carry

Although if you want to survive, the best thing to do is get as many supplies as possible. Therefore, do not leave a room to register on your trip. The amount of resources that you can extract is numerous and these will save your life more than once.

If you have a full inventory, find a way to craft items to free up space so you can grab more. Everything is necessary within this collapsed world, absolutely everything.

Blades, for knives

There is a material that will help you create knives and improve your melee weapon. The leaves are extremely valuable, but it is better that you dedicate them only to the creation of knives. They are much more useful!

These will help you finish off raiders faster, but they will especially be key if you want to get rid of a stealthed clicker. It is the only way and believe us when we say that you will avoid a lot of problems if you follow this path.

Save bullets and use the bow

And it is that saving bullets is a must. The aiming system of The Last of Us part 1 is particular and you are going to miss a few shots, therefore, it is better to have plenty of ammunition for when real problems arrive.

Also, shooting attracts Infected and Raiders, making the bow a much more effective weapon; just as deadly as a firearm and much stealthier. Of course, against the fans it will be better that you have something of great caliber.

ears are essential

Using listening is one of the mechanics that you will resort to the most. Therefore, whenever you can focus on improving hearing related skills. This will allow you to better know the position of the enemies and that nothing will catch you by surprise.

Every weapon in its holster

Regarding improvements, Gun holsters are also very important. It is the first thing that you should take into account since these allow you to have an extra weapon available. As soon as you have to face a desperate situation, better to have two weapons at hand instead of one.

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