New very cheap and underrated FIFA 23 goal cards

New meta in FIFA 23: tips and tricks to adapt and 5 very cheap meta players

It is convenient to always be aware of those meta cards that we can acquire in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for our team, and it is that from time to time we have a series of undervalued cards that tend to go unnoticed in the transfer market.

And as usual, we are going to recommend 10 meta cards for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, which you can buy at very cheap prices in the transfer market, and which are useful to strengthen the team, also for the different challenges and even to get a good benefit in the short term.

Among all these FIFA 23 Ultimate Team goal cards that are cheap and undervalued, surely there are footballers you know and others that you may not have seen much, but that it is convenient for you to obtain on the market.

So we offer you 10 meta cards of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team very cheap and undervalued that you will be able to get at prices ranging from 16,000 coins to 129,000 coins.

New very cheap and underrated FIFA 23 goal cards

We offer you a set of 10 new goal cards for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that they are at affordable prices, and that it is likely that they can be appreciated in the coming days, so you must hurry.

Guardiol (44,000 coins)

Lucas Moura (58,000 coins)

David (27,000 coins)

Brozovic (86,000 coins)

Openda (25,000 coins)

De Marcos (36,000 coins)

Rabiot (16,000 coins)

Tomori (95,000 coins)

Oak (60,000 coins)

Marchisio (129,000 coins)

As you have seen, many of these footballers you surely know, and they are goal cards that will surely end up gaining more popularity in the market later.

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