Persona 4 Golden: best method to farm EXP and fast money

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There can be a multitude of methods to farm experience and money in Persona 4 Goldenbut the truth is that they can work more or less well depending on how we face it.

The most usual thing is to find a dungeon that we are especially good at, when we have a good level character with great weapons, and attack those enemies that really give us a lot of money and experience.

However, in Persona 4 Golden it is essential that we find those golden hands that give us a lot of experience and, if you thought they came out randomly, it is not entirely true.

In fact, we can cause these golden hands to appear in some dungeons in our Persona 4 Golden games, and we tell you exactly how to do it in the guide below.

Persona 4 Golden: best methods to farm EXP and money

The trick is very simple, we just have to go to a particular dungeon, to a specific floor, save the game, restart it and, at a specific point on the home screen, load the game.

Yukiko Castle

We can cause his appearance on floor number 5 and it is recommended that we kill the mini boss before.

From this floor, save the game, return to the main menu and we must pay attention to the upper right part of the interface when the game title appears to observe a specific star.

When a larger than usual purple star appears on the right side of the home screen you must press X and load the save file.

If you have done it correctly, three golden hands should appear at the beginning of the loaded game.


We can do this forcing of the golden hands on the floor where the mini boss is located, which is number 7, and you must do the trick in exactly the same way as the previous one, pressing X when said star appears in the start menu.

the mission of the void

We go to the mini-boss floor which is number 7, we exit the game after saving, but on the start screen now things change slightly.

We must observe the left part of the title screen until a set of four stars appears, the second being the largest. We press X as soon as the third star fades.

secret laboratory

We go to floor 6, and this time there is no mini-boss, we restart the game again, load it, and repeat the method of the first two dungeons with the star on the right. Two or three gold hands should appear when re-entering the game.

In this way you already know how to cause the appearance of the golden hands, something that will give us a lot of experience and money in Persona 4 Golden.

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