Pokemon Paradox in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: where to find them and which ones are exclusive to each version

Pokémon Paradox in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: where to find them and which ones are exclusive to each version

It is clear that you are going to want to complete the pokedex of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purpleand for this you will not only have to finish the story, but also find other new creatures once you have finished the game.

And it is that there are many surprises in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple, and Nintendo has not wanted to spare efforts in this new license of Pokemonand you may not have heard of the creatures called Paradox Pokemon yet.

You could say that the Paradox Pokemon are a past or future version of the current creatures you have in your pokedex, something that has to do with the version of the game you have purchased.

Basically they are very similar to the current ones, but they have different characteristics and types because they are ancestors of some or also futuristic versions of others, and we have 14 of these creatures in specific places.

Pokemon Paradox in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: where to find them and which ones are exclusive to each version

Specifically, the Paradox Pokemon that come from the past are those of the version of Pokemon Scarlet while the paradoxes that come from the future are the version of Pokemon Purple, so that you keep that in mind.

All of these creatures are located at Area Zero. Once you have finished the adventure you will be able to access the Paldea Crater where you will locate area zero, and where you will find each of these creatures.

  • Longfang from Pokemon Scarlet and Ferrodada from pokemon purple, you have them in the area zero tunnel. They are distantly related to Donphan.
  • Scarlet Tail and Purple Ferrodaco are found near observation units 2 and 3. The first is Jigglypuff’s paradox while the second is Delibird’s.
  • Scarlet Fury and Purple Ironpalms you have in observation unit 1 and 2. The first is the Amoonguss version while the second is the Hariyama version.
  • Scarlet Fluttermane and Purple Ironneck are located at ground zero, the former being the ancestor of Misdreavus and the latter being the future version of Hydreigon.
  • Scarlet Reptalada and Purple Ironmoth are found in observation unit 1, and they are Volcarona’s ancestors and future form.
  • Scarlet Pellarea and Purple Ironquills are near Observation Unit 2, with the former coming from Magneton and the latter from Tyranitar.
  • You find them in a cave that is coming out of observation unit 3. When you get out of there, continue forward until you see a tree, then turn left until you locate several rocks, and behind the the same is the cave. The first is the ancestor of Salamence and the second the futuristic form of Gardevoir and Gallade.

So with this you have one more reason to stop by Scarlet Pokemon and Pokemon Purple because you’re going to have to do a lot more, including finding new creatures.

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