Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to find Ditto and use it to breed Pokemon eggs

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to find Ditto and use it to breed Pokemon eggs

Ditto is one of the most charismatic Pokemon of the more than 1,000 Pokemon that exists right now in the canon of the saga, including Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. And that it has the particularity of molding its body and disguising itself in other Pokemon.

And as you probably already know, this is very useful for getting Pokemon eggs. Although they are not necessary for your Pokemon to breed and lay eggs (at picnics), Ditto will make your life much easier. How?

In this Pokemon Scarlet and Purple guide, we tell you how to use Ditto to breed eggs, and where to capture the Pokemon in Paldea.

How to catch Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Ditto can only be found in the wild in two areas of Paldea. Keep in mind that it will appear hidden in other Pokemon, but when it enters the fight, it will automatically change into its Ditto form.

you can find them near Marinada Town and the lighthouse to the west of the peninsula, where “Portugal” would be.

  • Area 2 (West)
  • Area 3 (West)

But how do we recognize them? It is the same method that you can use with Zorua.

Usa ZL to fix the camera on the Pokemon. If it’s a Pokemon you’ve already fought, you’ll get the name of the Pokemon… but if it’s a Ditto, you’ll get the name “Ditto”, even though it looks like another Pokemon.

It is also possible to recognize them at a greater distance by different behavior than the Pokemon, but the fastest and most reliable trick is to fix the camera with ZL and look at the name of the Pokemon.

How to use Ditto to breed Pokemon Eggs

Breeding Pokemon Eggs works in the Ninth Generation at the Picnic. Have a picnic, let the Pokemon “get along,” and look in the basket to see if they’ve laid any eggs, which you can then open by walking with them.

In order for two Pokemon to breed, they have to be Male and Female. They don’t have to be of the same species, but they do have to be of the same “egg group”, which is similar to Types, but not exactly.

This is the list of Egg Groupsaccording to WikiDex.

In the event that you put together a male and a female Pokemon of different species, but of the same type, the Pokemon that will be born will be of the female’s species.

And what role does Ditto play? If you pair a Pokemon, of any gender, with any Pokemon, you will be able to get eggs from that Pokemon. Thus, you can use Ditto to have eggs of any Pokemon, without having to worry about their gender or their egg group.

To do this, simply put a Ditto on your team, put the Pokemon you want to breed, remove the rest of the Pokemon so you don’t get eggs from them… and wait.

If you see that they take time, you can use sandwiches with egg nutripoder. When you have a picnic, go to the table and make a sandwich: look for those recipes that have nutripoder egg. When you get the eggs, which will come out in another box next to the picnic, you will find them in Boxes and you have to equip them to the team and walk with them until they hatch.

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