Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to fly faster and longer

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to fly faster and longer

The mounts in the saga Pokemon They are already quite common and being able to fly, a dream for many fans, we have been able to experience for a long time in games such as third-generation remakes. Of course, in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple On Nintendo Switch this feature is also available.

Unfortunately, Koraidon y Miraidon they are not machines like Latios and Latias were, for example. Legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple get tired and flying can be frustrating.

However, a new glitch discovered by players allows us to fly much faster and much longerwhich makes the trip on the back of these infinitely better legendary. Here’s how you can run it.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to fly faster and longer

The first thing you have to do is look for a place that is very high, since the trick makes us lose some height over time. Once you have found a suitable spot you must follow the following steps.

jump into the void and start to fly without fear until you start to see the trail left by the pokémon in the air. Now you must ccancel flight mode and start pressing B repeatedly. The next step is rotate the joystick 90% to the left or right.

Once you have done this force the pokémon to take out the wings again and rotate the joystick to the opposite side by releasing B. Once you master those steps, now you just have to repeat them to fly over Paldea without tiring your legendary Pokemon.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, it’s a somewhat laborious process. If you need more help, we explain 9 things you should know before starting to play, the best recommended order to beat the story, where are all the stakes and the complete Paldea Pokédex, and 6 other secrets that you may not know about the game of Nintendo Switch.

If you have passed the game, we will explain the content of the postgame, the requirements to evolve all the Pokemon, all the recipes and nutripowers, the emblems and ribbons and how to unlock the 6-star teraincursions.

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