Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to win in all 6-star raids with a single hit

Teraincursion of Dragapult and Hydreigon: best Pokémon and strategies to beat

It can be certainly annoying sometimes facing the different creatures in the teraincursions of Scarlet Pokemon and Pokemon Purple, but with the right strategy everything is much easier.

However, it can take quite a while to get the hang of choosing the right strategy for Tera-raids in Pokemon Scarlet and pokemon purplebut we have just found a pro strategy that you can put into play right now.

It requires that we use a particular series of Pokemon with a series of equipped items, but we will try to be as clear as possible for this.

So keep a close eye on this guide which will allow you to win all the 6-star tera-raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple with one hit.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to win in all 6-star raids with a single hit

In order to carry out the strategy we must choose Pokemon con irascible.

Let’s bet they are Krookodile, Crabominable, Tauros de Paldea agua and Tauros de Paldea fuego.

Everyone must wear the choice ribbon that increases the attack but only allows one movement to be used, so we will multiply the movement that we are going to use by 1.5.

After ability it has to be irascible as we have commented that it is the hidden of Krookodile and Crabominable, and the secondary of the Tauros.


  • Krookodile: Earthquake, Crush, Gunshot, and Malicious
  • Crabominable: we have ice hammer, giga impact, malicious and grime launcher
  • Tauros Slaps Water: Water Bite, Point Blank, Whip, and Gigantic Impact
  • Tauros Palettes Fire: Fiery Blitz, Point Blank, Gigantic Impact, and Whip.

Additional creatures that you will need

To cover ourselves from the rest of the Pokemon we face, we must also include the following in the team:

  • Perrserker: Squeak, Sword Dance, Iron Head, and Sharpen Claws
  • Ferropalmas: thunder fist, cruel volt, drum and drain fist


  • Medichan: Swap, Body Slam, Breakthrough, and Bullet Punch. We must take advantage of his pure energy ability that doubles the power of his physical attacks thanks to yoga.
  • Snorunt: Freezing Mist, Avalanche, Blizzard, and Body Slam. Interested in the mental strength ability, where it is not feared by attacks from other Pokemon and does not suffer from the effects of intimidation.
  • Glalie: Freezing Mist, Blizzard, Cold Water, Crush. He also has the mental strength ability.
  • Umbreon: Screech, Taunt, Boost, and Light Screen. The ability that interests us is synchronicity, where it spreads poisoning, burns or paralysis to the Pokemon that causes that state.
  • Murkrow: taunt, squeal, acrobat and peace of mind. We are interested in the joker ability where his status moves have high priority. He also includes the evolutionary mineral so that he can take hits better.

Now we only have to try all of the above in any of the teraincursions of six stars or less, and you will see that we can weaken the opponent with a single hit.

Obviously it is up to you to know how to use the main creatures according to the type of Pokemon we are facing, and it is also up to you to be able to take advantage of the supports according to the circumstances of the fight.

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