Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: where to find Larvesta and how to evolve it into Volcarona

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: where to find Larvesta and how to evolve it into Volcarona

Larvesta was one of the new Pokemon introduced in the fifth generation Pokemon, and they have returned to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple from Nintendo Switch, where we can also find it in the wild.

Many Pokemon in Paldea have rare evolution requirements. This is not the case with Larvesta, which evolves into volcano just to level up.

However, Larvesta is one of the longest-evolving Pokemon in the entire game: you won’t get Volcarona until you reach level 59, so many uninitiated players may not even know this evolution exists.

In this Pokemon Scarlet and Purple guide, we explain how to find Larvesta in the wild and tricks to gain experience and evolve Pokemon faster, and thus get Volcarona.

Where to find Larvesta in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Larvesta is a Bug and Fire type Pokemon that is located only in a specific ecosystem: the desert.

You will only find it in Rostiz desertand you can find it on the dunes or on top of rocks, many of which you can only reach if you have the ability to climb with Miraidon or Koraidon (achieved by completing the Legendary Path).

It is a rare Pokemon, but you can find it without further stories in the wild in the desert, and at a low level, around level 25. It can also be found in 3-star Teraids.

To evolve Larvesta into Volcarona, you simply need to evolve it at level 59: when it arrives it will automatically evolve. You don’t need any special stone or anything, but…

How to earn EXP faster

Yes, Larvesta takes a long time to evolve. And if you start from a level 25-30 Larvesta, getting to level 59 will be very difficult if it’s not a Pokemon you normally want to have on your team.

To evolve it, you will have to practice the usual EXP farming tricks. It can be a good Pokemon to spend your EXP candieswhich you get all over Paldea on the ground, but they are also always a reward in Tera-raids.

If you have passed the postgame, you can repeat the Great Academic Fight tournament with your mains, and having Larvesta in your team so that he receives the shared experience and levels up more quickly.

Another option known to players is to farm Chanseywhich give a lot of experience.

Chansey are common in many areas of Paldea, and you can force their appearance by eating snacks with nutripower Normal Encounter 1 and 2. Two snacks that have that nutripower are the 136 y 137de tofu.

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