Reasons Why The Sandman Is Still One Of Marvel Snap’s Most Popular Cards And Best Deck

Reasons Why The Sandman Is Still One Of Marvel Snap's Most Popular Cards And Best Deck

Marvel SnapHearthstone’s director’s card game, is an ever-evolving game, and Second Dinner studio is always on the lookout for the community’s favorite cards, from every to monthly patch.

In the last patch with card adjustments, in February 2023, Sandman it was one of the cards that received one of the most radical changes in the entire game.

Your target with the buff at Sandman was that players will use it more, especially because of its interesting effect: it limits the number of cards that can be played to one.

Do you want to know what are the reasons why Sandman is one of the most popular cards in Marvel Snap right now?

Best deck with Sandman in Marvel Snap

Sandman is a Pool 2 card, which means that you will unlock him between level 222 and 474 of the collection level.

Sandman has 5 cost and 5 powerand its effect Continuo: Players can only play 1 card each. Before, he cost 4 and had 1 power, but his effect hasn’t changed, and will most likely defeat the opponent’s strategy, which don’t expect that limitation of playing only one card in the last few turns.

The enormous buffing of its power makes it a much more attractive card, but by going to cost 5 instead of 4 it also forces you to think about new strategies: first of all, cards that allow you to gain energy to be able to play it before turn 5 They are letters like:

  • Electro (3-2): You gain 1 energy on reveal, you can only play one card each turn (continuous).
  • Wave (3-3): Next turn all cards of both players will cost 4 energy
  • Psylocke (2-1): You gain 1 energy next turn.

Of these, the one that makes the most sense to pair with Sandman is Electro on turn 3 and Sandman on turn 4, since with Wave you’ll also give your opponent the opportunity to use a powerful card in the middle of the game.

Therefore, play a card that of those three on turn 3 and Sandman on turn 4. What cards to use next?

The best finishers are cards that allow you to control two locations at the same time, to counter Sandman’s effect, or boost cards you’ve already put into the finishers. For example:

  • Vision (5-7): You can see it every turn, which gives you more security if you have to reposition your cards in the last turn with an “additional move”
  • Claw (5-4): Adds +6 power to the location to his right.
  • Doctor Doom (6.5): Create a 5 power bot in the other locations
  • Onslaught (6-7): Doubles the effect of your continuous cards in this location
  • Spectrum (6-5): Gives your cards Continuous +2 power
  • Ultron (6-8): Create four 1 power drones in other locations

Finally, it is worth highlighting other cards that you could use in your deck. Sunspot (1-1) It is an ideal card to play on the first turn, because at the end of each turn you gain +1 energy for the next one for each unused energy point. This would make it easier for you to use Jubilee (4-1)which adds a random card from your deck to the location.

These are some of the best combos with Sandman, whose main purpose is to disrupt the opponent’s strategy, which will give you an advantage in the last turns if you are well prepared with the cards that we have mentioned before.

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