Reroll on Honkai Star Rail: all the methods and which one is more effective

Reroll on Honkai Star Rail: all the methods and which one is more effective

We have a wide variety of characters to choose from in our games of Honkai Star Rail, and while we can reach the end of the adventure with anyone that is given to us at the beginning, it is likely that you will want to have your favorite character.

As happens in other similar titles, we can bet on the reroll, which basically consists of starting a new game over and over again until we get those characters we want.

And obviously we can reroll in Honkai Star Rail under a system that will allow us to make as many restart accounts as necessary to obtain the characters we want.

But of course, depending on the time you are willing to spend, we are going to offer you up to three different alternatives to obtain advanced star characters.

Reroll on Honkai Star Rail: all the methods and which one is more effective

creating accounts

If you want to create a new Honkai Star Rail account, you can do so through the login button on the home screen or through hoyolab.

And when you are on this screen to complete the login information, you must look for the “register now” button where you will have to enter: email address, verification code sent to said email, desired password and re-enter the password. desired password.

After the above we have created our account and we can start a new game on any server you want. You can switch servers with the same account to start a new game, as progress is not shared between different servers.

Once you have created a new account, the question is how far we should go before rerolling again if we do not have the desired characters.

Faster (approximately 30 minutes)

We start the game, choose the character, go through the first scenes where we fight with various enemies. It’s time to talk to himeko and asta in the space center and where you can start summoning characters.

Here you must use the 20 Star Rail passes that you will receive in the initial registration mail to be able to get your first characters. If you don’t get them, you can reset the account again.

Standard (approximately 40 minutes)

We arrive at the same previous point, but we advance a little more. The idea is that we use the active codes in the game to get as many jades as you can.

Don’t forget to claim all the achievements, get all the chests in the area and follow the tutorials to get many more.

Use the relevant jades to get more spins on the banners, so you can get another four Star Rail passes.

Longest way (more than an hour)

We follow the maximum of the previous path, but we move forward. The idea is that you continue the search until you reach the point of the adventure where you talk to Pom Pom.

Give you the level rewards, and claim all the chests so that you can reach level 10 of the game. At this level you have two passes and 10 of the Trailblazing event.

Also buy the five passes in the Embers store.

You can get a pass for Operation briefing part 1, Internal Purchase Officer at Hertha Space Station and Starlight Exchange at the store.

If you’ve done all of the above, you’ll have a total of 40 Star Rail Passes, something that ensures you a five-star character.

In our opinion, if we had to choose one of the paths, we would choose the intermediate one, unless you have a lot of free time to go the slower one.

We also tell you that it is not so necessary to reroll in this adventure either because it becomes quite repetitive and even frustrating, and you can also advance perfectly with any character.

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