Resident Evil 4 Remake tips and tricks that you should know before you start playing

Resident Evil 4 Remake tips and tricks that you should know before you start playing

Resident Evil 4 Remake It is already here and with it a new view of rural Spain dominated by cattle. Leon will have to face a few adversities and if you have just started on the adventure, the best thing you can do is go with things clear.

For this reason, here we want to offer you a round of quick tips and tricks that will surely help you face the first stages of Resident Evil 4 Remake in the best way. The new of Capcom brings some changes.

Resident Evil 4 Remake tips and tricks that you should know before you start playing

Be careful with the difficulty

  • Within the game you will not be able to change the difficulty once you start the game. The normal level may seem a bit simple at first, but scale over time and it is becoming a much more demanding challenge. Maybe waiting won’t hurt.

beware of traps

  • Traps and traps for wolves and bears abound within Resident Evil 4 Remake. You must be very attentive, since these tricks are hidden and you will not always see them with the naked eye. Also, remember that you can disable tripwires without actually shooting them.

Flashbangs are your best friend.

  • Although we like explosions, flash or flash grenades are almost better than normal ones. If you throw them at any parasite you will kill them in no time, so do not hesitate to use them, especially in closed rooms, where they are very effective.

Mixing herbs never goes out of style

  • This does not catch fans of the saga off guard. The mixture of herbs is essential to survive and to save inventory space. The red with green grass acts as a revitalizer and the cockerel will increase your overall health.

Gun to hand, always

  • Despite the fact that there are large-caliber weapons in the game, the gun can be your best ally and you can treat it like a main weapon. Its bullets are the most plentiful and are easy to craft, so going pistol is nothing you should rule out for Leon.

More bullets, but not for free

  • And speaking of firepower… You should know that upgrading ammo capacity does not give free bullets, so don’t resort to this option as a desperate measure in the game. If you are short of ammunition, you have to hold on.

And repair the knife

  • And as long as firearms are not available, the knife will be your soul friend. Although beware, it degrades and you will have to repair it. Know that the action that wears out this weapon the most is escaping from enemies. Of course, you can use small knives so that your main one does not deteriorate so quickly.

Doubts about whether this installment is worth it? Well, with our analysis you will see any issue resolved. Here we leave you our analysis of Resident Evil 4 Remake in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S y PC.

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