Resident Evil 4: where are the vipers in the peddler’s order in chapter 3

Resident Evil 4: where are the vipers in the peddler's order in chapter 3

We are not facing a simple remakebecause in addition to the pertinent visual and playable wash, a multitude of new secondary missions have been included, which you can start doing in Resident Evil 4, and one of them is the request to find a series of snakes.

Specifically, we are going to have to find three snakes in Resident Evil 4 Remake to complete one of those requests within a secondary mission.

We have scattered the vipers throughout the map of Resident Evil 4 and it is very easy for us to lose sight of them since they are usually not very attractive beings on stage.

So we tell you where all the vipers are at Resident Evil 4 Remake so you can complete this side quest.

Resident Evil 4: where are the vipers in the peddler’s order in chapter 3

As soon as you have access to the town hall, you will meet a merchant next to the save station and he will task you with a side quest about finding a series of snakes.

Basically you have to retrace your steps and locate three vipers and then sell them to the merchant.

Where are all the snakes in Resident Evil 4 Remake

You have the first viper there very close, a few steps from the merchant in the Town Hall, near the entrance.

For the second viper you must go to the path south of the church towards the quarry, where you will have to cross several wooden planks suspended in the air. You should see a small shack on the left with a red explosive barrel, so simply break the box inside to find the hidden Viper.

Then we have a couple of snakes in the area of ​​the fish farm, where we have to collect fuel to start the boat and thus cross the lake in chapter 3. We are going to find the snake swimming around the water in this area and we will find another one slithering through the wooden piers.

Once you have the three vipers you must take them back to the merchant and he will have the spinels as a reward to exchange them for special items

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