Retire in Marvel Snap: what is it and when is it worth it

Retire in Marvel Snap: what is it and when is it worth it

Marvel Snap is a free to play card game for mobile phones and PC that is easy to learn, and the truth is that it is also easy to master, due to the number of different cards and effects that you get in the first games… although later you discover the enormous depth of the game. game and strategies

We have already told you about all the abilities of the Marvel Snap cards and the combos and synergies that you can get from them, but today we are going to focus on something much simpler… and no less important: withdrawal.

At any time, we may choose to withdraw from a game. We can do it even in the round 6and it is a mechanic to reduce losses and we have done badly or we have no chance of winning.

But how much do we reduce our losses? Is it worth retiring? What if we have been Snapped? Here we solve all the doubts you may have with the Marvel Snap Withdrawal?

What does it mean to retire at Marvel Snap

We can withdraw at any time during the game, and minimize the possible losses of cosmic cubes if we lose.

Cosmic cubes are the main way to rank up in Marvel Snap, and in each game between 2, 4 or 8 cubes are played… which we will win if we win, or lose the same amount if we lose the game.

Marvel Snap It is characterized by its Snapping mechanic, which is essential to understand: it is a bet to double our potential profits, which we make when we believe we have a good hand… or as a bluff to deceive our opponent.

  • If no one Snaps, 2 cubes will be won/lost at the end
  • If one Snaps, 4 cubes will be won/lost at the end
  • If both players Snap, 8 cubes will be won/lost at the end

And if we withdraw? then only we will lose half of the cubes that are going to increase at the moment we withdraw.

By default, 1 Cosmic Cube is in play for the entire game. If someone Snaps, it will double on the next turn. And in turn 6, everything in play will also be doubled, hence it is not the same to retire at the beginning or at the end, and it only makes sense to retreat right after the opponent has snapped or right before turn 6.

When you fold (it doesn’t matter if you are winning or losing the game), you will lose the number of cubes that you see at the top of the screen. But if you’ve been Snapped, you’ll see a “Next Turn: 2”.

In the case of the photo above, you retire now you will lose 1 cubebut if you retreat on the next turn you will lose 2 cubes.

If you play it and want to wait for the last turn, when the cubes are automatically multiplied, this will happen:

If you fold at that time, you will lose 2 cubes. But if at the end of the game you lose… you will lose 4 cubes.

For that reason, in the game there will be two moments where you can consider folding: when they snap you, to minimize losses as much as possible (you will lose only 1 cube), or during turn 6to minimize losses in a possible defeat, since at the end of the game the cubes in play are automatically doubled.

Is it worth retiring at Marvel Snap?

In our opinion, folding in the middle of the game, when you’ve been snapped on turn 2, 3, or 4, isn’t worth it, as it’s too early to know if you’re really at a disadvantage: the tables can turn drastically in the last few turns… and you’ll usually know you’ve been snapped as a bluff.

In turns 5 and especially 6 you will already know if you have a chance of winning. If you get snapped on turn 5, you can still have a margin of victory (or hope your opponent makes a mistake), so we think it’s only worth considering retreating on turn 6, when you see that it is mathematically impossible to win.

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