Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: how to force the massive appearance of the Pokemon you want or a Shiny

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon: how to force the massive appearance of the Pokémon you want or a Shiny

It is quite difficult to complete the pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purplebasically because some creatures only appear at specific times on the map, at a certain time or by fulfilling a series of conditions.

That is why there are many players who in this new license of Pokemon They are having a hard time completing the pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and pokemon purple and right now a trick is circulating in which you will be able to force the massive appearance of the Pokemon creatures you want on the map.

Also this trick for Scarlet Pokemon and Pokemon Purple is also useful for trying to increase the percentage of appearance of the shiny, so it is valid both to complete the pokedex and to get the variocolor version.

So we explain exactly what this trick consists of to force the massive appearance you want in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple, and the truth is that it is very easy to do.

Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: how to force the massive appearance of the Pokemon you want or a Shiny

Although there are very common creatures that tend to have massive appearances constantly on the map, there are other Pokemon that are very difficult to find with this type of appearance, unless you do the following trick.

As far as rarer creatures are concerned, this type of massive appearances will only happen if we find ourselves exactly in the natural habitat of said Pokemon.

To know the natural habitat of that Pokemon you are looking for, it is as simple as going to the pokedex, and the area of ​​the creature’s natural habitat will be indicated exactly in orange on the map.

So we go exactly to that area of ​​the map where the natural habitat of the creature we are looking for appears, and we must make the relevant time change on the console to constantly advance 24 hours until we have the massive appearance.

time change trick

If you don’t know how to do it, you have to go to the console settings while Pokemon Scarlet or Purple is running. Then we go into the console configuration, to date and time, and we must leave automatic date and time disabled.

Now we go down and advance the clock 24 hours, moving the corresponding day up one digit. We give him to accept, and we return to the game. In this first time that we do it, nothing will happen.

And this is essential, we go back to the console configuration, date and time but we activate automatic date and time. Once you have activated it, you must deactivate it immediately, we will change the date and time again and we will advance it one day again and click on accept. We return to the game and nothing will happen either.

But now we return to the console configuration, date and time again, and we go back one day forward but without touching the issue of the automatic date and time that we did in the previous step.

And now, when we return to the game, we will see that the massive appearance Pokemon will have been restarted.

We access the map to find out if the creature we are interested in has a massive appearance, and if it is not the case, we go back to the console settings, date and time and advance one day, click on accept and return to the game. We do it over and over again until the mass appearance of the creature that interests us appears.

Increasing the percentage of appearance of the shiny with this method

If you’re interested in getting a shiny version of a particular pokémon, we need to overcome a lot of these mass spawns. Once you’ve gotten past a few spawns you should get a message saying the spawn has been reduced.

When a second message appears after overcoming as many massive appearances, we will have already increased the appearance of this Pokemon in a variocolor version.

All these massive appearances usually put 100 to 120 creatures on the map. Well, when you have exceeded a minimum of 60 creatures in this massive appearance, the appearance of this creature in variocolor format will increase.

Now you know how to complete the pokedex by forcing massive spawns on Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, and also increasing the chance of getting shiny creatures.

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