Secret combat tricks and tactics in Hogwarts Legacy that you probably do not know

Secret combat tricks and tactics in Hogwarts Legacy that you probably do not know

In addition to exploring, improving our spells and discovering a lot of secondary missions, the truth is that when playing Hogwarts Legacy It will allow us to face a multitude of enemies.

each of enemies in Hogwarts Legacy it has an attack and defense pattern that you must know, and also a series of strengths and weaknesses so that you can face these combats with greater guarantees.

Well, there are a number of enemies in Hogwarts Legacy that you will even be able to defeat very easily despite its power, and we want to offer you a few tactics and techniques that will come in handy.

So in this advanced combat guide to playing Hogwarts Legacy, we are going to teach you how to easily defeat a series of annoying enemies that you are going to encounter throughout the adventure.

Secret combat tricks and tactics in Hogwarts Legacy that you probably do not know

Secret counterattack against trolls

As far as these annoying big enemies are concerned, the idea is that we can repel and return those rocks that are thrown at us.

To do this, simply press the R1 or VR button just a tenth of a second before the rock hits you, and you will repel it. The good thing about it is that we will also stun the troll, ideal to carry out any attack and eliminate it.

Another way that we have to stun them is when they rush towards us, so we have to dodge their onslaught and let it hit a tree or a wall, and once again we will take the opportunity to end the fight.

Using the effective fire tornadoes

When we face these wizard enemies and they perform fire tornadoes, we can use that tornado to throw the enemies into it and eliminate them with a single blow. You can use Levioso or any other similar magic.

Also against these Executioner enemies you can use the Expelliarmus spell when they are recharging their big attack, which will cause a chain reaction that could practically eliminate them at once.

Eliminating fácil a los Inferius

We can literally blow them to pieces if we counter at the right time with the right spell. You can use fire or confringo when they are about to attack you.

Secret move against spiders

For this you need the spells of Leviosa or flippendo and you can use them against these annoying spiders before they submerge into the ground, eliminating them instantly.

Eliminating elite goblins with a single attack

Specifically, you can use the descent spell against these Goblin commanders. They always have a purple shield that is perfect for breaking but if you want to do a lot more damage to them, you should do the following.

You must wait until they perform their two-hit combo, dodging the first one and take advantage of that time before they start their second move to cast the descendo spell on them.

They are some of the most annoying enemies that we can find in Hogwarts Legacy, and basically with the right counterattack under the certain spell, we can defeat them with a single blow.

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