Secret rooms in Hogwarts Legacy: how to find and beat Depulso’s Riddle Rooms

Secret rooms in Hogwarts Legacy: how to find and beat Depulso's Riddle Rooms

Hogwarts Legacythe game based on the world of Harry Potter that everyone is talking about, successfully mixes action, role-playing, exploration and some puzzles, including some that are quite difficult.

If you want 100% Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to overcome a bunch of side quests and tasks. One of the most complicated are the Enigma Rooms of I was knocked down hidden in Hogwarts.

Depulso is one of the Hogwarts Legacy spells used to move objects. And in these two hidden rooms in the castle you will get tired of pushing blocks to open all the chests.

Where are the Depulso puzzle rooms at Hogwarts?

In Hogwarts Legacy there are three rooms with challenges to use the Depulso spell, in order to move blocks to open chests. The first of them, the Herodian training room, we arrived with a secondary mission.

Afterwards, two much more complicated rooms open up to us with several chests each, where we have to figure out how to get to the chests by stacking the blocks to make stairs or bridges.

Below we leave you a video where we have solved the three rooms, and the location of each room, and the minute in which we solve the puzzle in the video.

The goal in each puzzle is to reach a chest that is in an unreachable position, unless you move the blocks with Accio and Depulso to move them away or towards you.

If you mess up, shooting the “switch” in each room will reset the blocks.

Herodian Training Room

This room is simpler, because it is made up of a succession of three smaller rooms.

puzzle 1: 0:32 – Grab the two blocks and take them to the left to get the chest.

puzzle 2: 1:10 – The chest is above the entrance. Take the individual block to the bottom, move the other blocks to the entrance, and then return the first block to get to it.

puzzle 3:3:12 – Here you have to go up to the blocks on the left, push the two moving blocks to the bottom, and then pull them to form a platform from which you can jump onto the chest, located at a height on the left.

Sala de Enigmas de Depulso 1

This room is more complicated, since it is a single room where you will have to move the blocks in various ways.

puzzle 1: 5:23 -Start by moving the floating single block and push it to form a ladder with the two-block tower on the left, and use it to reach the chest in the bottom left corner

puzzle 2: 6:30 – Restore the blocks to how they were before and move the two blocks in the center to the bottom to create a tower of two. With two other blocks that are alone, push them to the bottom to create a ladder and a platform with which to cross the moat.

puzzle 3: 8:21 – Stack the blocks on the left wall to be able to climb.

Sala de Depulso 2

puzzle 1: 11:39 – Move the block towers to form an inverted “L”, push it towards the bottom “T”, and pull it all towards you so you can jump to the platform on the left where there is a chest.

puzzle 2: 12:50 – From that platform, move the T to the bottom right, and move the blocks below to form a structure that allows you to reach the other side of the room.

puzzle 3: 15:50 – Pull the row of three blocks towards you, move it to the left and then to the bottom to form a platform that allows you to jump off and cross to the other side.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch coming later (here are the dates).

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