Solutions to the challenges of week 1 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

Solutions to the challenges of week 1 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

A few days ago season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4 with a series of challenges, and we already have the missions of week 1 so that we can continue to amass a lot of experience points.

We have five missions from week 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4 season 2, almost all of us giving us about 12,000 experience points that will help us to raise the battle pass.

Among some of the featured missions this week 1 of the season 2 From Fortnite Chapter 4 we have to visit certain locations on the map, destroy objects or land in MEGA City to fulfill a condition, among other challenges that we have available.

So we give you the solution to all the challenges of week 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4 of this season 2 so that you continue raising your level of the battle pass.

Solutions to the challenges of week 1 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

This is the solution to all the challenges of week 1 of season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4:

Visit Medieval Dock, Picturesque Square and Kinetic Quarry

We must visit these three named locations in the same game or in several games. It is recommended that you visit them in the same game to solve the challenge as quickly as possible.

These are named locations that you have marked on the map, and they are in the medieval zone, that is, the one with the orange biome.

  • Medieval Dock we have it in the northern part of the orange biome.
  • Picturesque Plaza we have it to the east of this same biome.
  • Kinetic Quarry is to the south.

We point it out on the following map:

Destroy objects while drifting with a Nitro Drifter (25)

The Nitro Drifter is a new vehicle launched this season 2, a four-seat car designed to move quickly around the map, and you can use its handbrake to perform skids in a very simple way.

First obviously you must find the vehicle, we have a lot of them in the central and southern part of the map, basically in the green biome and in the bluish biome.

Once we have the car, you have to destroy objects while drifting, so to drift, use the handbrake and crash into pieces of street furniture, hitting them with the back of the car.

You can also destroy objects while using the nitro but that will require more fuel.

Land in MEGA City and survive until you reach the Top 25 (2)

We must land in the new location named MEGA City located in the bluish area of ​​the map, and it is that great city.

We must land on it, hide, and survive until we reach the Top 25. You can also fight, but we do not recommend it.

It is better that you adopt a passive strategy, hiding in some area outside of the city, until the game progresses and you are inside the Top 25.

Deal damage to opponents with three different types of weapons in the same match (3)

As easy as picking up all the weapons we can at the beginning of the game, and doing damage to opponents.

You must deal damage with three different weapons in a single match to be counted.

Get a few seconds in the air with a Rogue bike

We must accumulate 15 seconds of time in the air to overcome the challenge, while we are on one of these bikes.

You will find motorcycles all over the island, but we advise you to go directly to MEGA City and surroundings because there are a lot of them.

As soon as you are on the bike, you can build a ramp to the sky with wood resources you have collected at the beginning, and speed up with the motorcycle.

This will allow you to make big jumps and accumulate time in the air, to definitely complete the challenge.

This challenge gives us no less than 24,000 experience points.

So with this you already know how to solve each of these five challenges of week 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4, within season 2, so that you get a lot of experience.

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