Solutions to the challenges of week 4 of Fortnite season 1 of Chapter 4

Solutions to the challenges of week 4 of Fortnite season 1 of Chapter 4

We are already in week 4 of the Fortnite missions season 1 from chapter 4, in some challenges that you will have to do if you want to get all the current rewards.

In this week 4 of Fortnite Chapter 4 season 1, we have some challenges focused on hunting all kinds of wild animals, traveling a certain distance or obtaining health or shield, among others.

Since we know that you are going to want to do them to get a lot of experience points, we help you solve all the challenges of week 4 of fortnite chapter 4 of season 1.

In principle they are missions quite fast in Fortniteand that you dedicate a couple of hours will be enough, and do not forget to do them because in a week from now they will expire and will no longer be available.

Solutions to the challenges of week 4 of Fortnite season 1 of Chapter 4

Hunt or tame wild animals (1)

We must hunt or tame wild animals such as a wolf or a wild boar, animals that are scattered throughout the map, especially in the central area and there are many of them.

Hunts a frog from a distance of 5 m or less

We must be 5 m or less from a frog and hunt it, and we can find them on the banks of rivers and lakes.

Obtain salud the shield jumping over sorbusas (50)

We must obtain health or a shield by jumping over that species of flying jellyfish that are scattered around the island, especially in the prairies.

Hunt wild animals in a single match (10)

We must hunt 10 wild animals in the same game, so land in the central area of ​​the map, and eliminate any wild animals you see.

Hide in piles of leaves and bushes or eat berries rush (10) phased challenge

The piles of sheets are found scattered around the map, especially near the medieval areas; while rush berries appear randomly throughout the map.

Go a certain distance with a kinetic ore (50) phased challenge

If you don’t already know, the kinetic ore are stones that are shot according to the impacts they receive and we can find them in the kinetic quarry.

Once you spot them, hit them with your pickaxe or shoot them, then climb on top of them.

Earn XP in Creator Experiences (50,000)

Access the different maps in creative mode and get 50,000 experience points.

We recommend that you beat them as soon as possible because they will expire in a few days and you will lose all that unearned experience.

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