Solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 1 of Chapter 4

Solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 1 of Chapter 4

We have a new compendium of missions available for Fortnite Chapter 4 of season 1, specifically already in week 9, related to the “knights of the kingdom” with a series of challenges that you will surely want to overcome.

The idea is that we manage to overcome all these challenges, which give us 16,000 experience points each, so that we can continue advancing in this battle pass. season 1 from Fortnite Chapter 4.

These are some of the missions Highlights of this week 9 of season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4 where we must register chests with an exploration falcon, deploy guardian shields or register oath chests, among others.

So we offer you the solution to all the challenges of week 9 of this season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4 so you don’t miss any of them.

Solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 1 of Chapter 4

These are all the missions of week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 4 of this season 1:

Search Oath Chests (5)

Oath Chests were added in Season 1, and we have them scattered across a bunch of places on the map. In this challenge we must register five oath chests, and you will find a lot of them in the west of the map or in the southeast of it, specifically in the orange biome.

Deploy guardian shields (5)

You have to deploy five guardian shields, an element that you can find randomly in the games, be it on the ground, in the chests of the oaths or in the normal chests.

Deal damage to players with an Excaliber Rifle (1000)

To overcome the challenge we must inflict damage with an excaliber rifle to the different opponents, specifically 1000 damage points.

You can find this weapon randomly on the map, either on the ground, in normal chests, or in oath chests.

Search chests with a Scouting Falcon in the same match (5)

Search five chests with a Scouting Hawk, all in the same match, using a Scouting Hawk. You will find the exploration hawk randomly in the games, either in the chests or on the ground.

Gather Oath Order Items (Staged Challenge)

It is a phased challenge, and we must collect objects from the order of the oath such as the excaliber rifle, the guardian’s shield, the exploration falcon, the shock hammer or the rifle that the eternal Paladin drops.

In the first phase we must collect 3 oath objects, in the second phase we must collect 9 oath objects, in the third phase 18 oath objects and in the last and fourth phase 30 oath objects.

Land headshots (phased challenge)

Basically we must shoot the opponents at the head, in a phased challenge that you will surely overcome naturally in the games.

In the first phase you have to land 5 headshots, in the second phase 15 shots, in the third phase 30 shots and in the fourth and final phase 50 headshots to overcome the challenge.

Collect dragon balls in the adventure island of Dragon Ball (4)

To overcome this challenge, you must access the map 5642-8525-5429 through the discover tab. Once inside this map, you have to obtain four dragon balls by completing a series of tasks.

Get Creator Experiences (50,000)

As usual, through the discover tab, enjoy the creative mode maps until you get 50,000 experience points.

Each of the challenges above give us 16,000 experience points, so you should overcome them to continue collecting all the rewards of this season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4.

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