Solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

Solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

One more week we already have the new challenges available for Fortnite lovers, this time, with the missions of week 9 of the season 2 from Chapter 4, which you can complete to earn a lot of experience.

We have a great set of missions that offer between 12,000 experience points and 24,000 experience points, which are great for you to raise your season 2 battle pass of Fortnite Chapter 4.

We have missions where we must use wind tunnels, others where we must defeat enemies with a special effect or even open chests with two locks, among others.

So we give you the solution to all the missions of week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 4 of this season 2, and it will only take you a few minutes to overcome them thanks to the guide.

Solutions to the challenges of week 9 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

This is the solution to the missions of week 9 of season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4:

Use a scroll bar in Bubbling Bay and Kinetic Quarry

The sliders are those colored rails found in certain locations on the map, including Bubbling Bay and Kinetic Quarry.

Both locations are marked directly on the map, so we don’t need to show them to you, so simply visit these two locations and use the relevant scroll bars on both to beat the challenge.

Travel a certain distance in wind tunnels (250)

Throughout the map we can find different wind tunnels where we simply let ourselves be carried away by them, we travel the 250 m, and we will have overcome the challenge.

We offer you up to three places where you will find wind tunnels on the map:

  • Frozen Falls, just south of Brutal Bastion.
  • Rushing streams between Grand Farm and MEGA City
  • Wild sanctuary a little north of the previous one.

Deal damage to opponents while high (500)

We can count on the effect of the high quite easily depending on the element we bet on.

  • For example, you can get the effect thanks to the juice that appears randomly throughout the map.
  • Under the rise of the “maximum high” reality.
  • Or by destroying rush barrels that are scattered in certain locations on the map.

Once we have the effect, we deal damage to opponents up to 500 points.

Fall from a height of 5 stories or more without taking damage

We also have several alternatives to complete this challenge:

  • We use the different scroll bars that are in locations on the map such as Kinetic Quarry, MEGA City or Bubbling Bay, and from there we launch ourselves to the ground and you will see that you do not receive damage.
  • You build a ramp at least five stories high, and then perform the Jedi’s force jump move, so you’re not affected by falling damage.
  • Or the same as the previous one, we build five floors on ramps, but we drop on the water to not take damage.

Open a chest with two locks

The chests with two locks appear randomly on the map, so you will have to find them, and once you find them you must use two keys to open it.

We can obtain the keys in the following ways:

You can go to the emblematic place called “bamboo circle”, located northwest of MEGA City, and here you will find the NPC called “Bol4 8” who sells the different keys.

Unlocking the reality augmentation called “locksmith degree” which grants two keys to open holographic chests.

As you can see, the remains of week 9 of season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4 are quite easy to overcome, so you do not lose experience points.

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