Solutions to the Syndicate missions Part 1 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

Solutions to the Syndicate missions Part 1 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

We have a lot of new missions with the advent of season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4, and in addition to the week 0 challenges that you can already check out, we also have a first batch of Syndicate missions.

Syndicate missions are the missions of the history of this season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4, and by completing them the narrative will be revealed to us, in addition to receiving rewards and experience.

We have a first batch of seven syndicate missions in Fortnite Chapter 4, ranging from winning an arcade machine, to shooting targets or restoring data receivers, among others.

Then we give you the solution to all the missions of the first part of the Syndicate of Fortnite Chapter 4.

Solutions to the Syndicate missions Part 1 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4

Each of the missions will be unlocked as soon as you beat the previous one, and they go in order of unlocking:

Hack an arcade machine at Grand Farm or Bubbling Bay

You can do this challenge in either Grand Farm or Bubbling Bay, so land on either of them and locate some arcade machine. There are several in each of the locations.

In our case, we have opted for Grand Farm, and you have the arcade machine in a group of houses that are located just to the west of the area.

Specifically, you will find the arcade machine in the first house you come across, the one with the huge gray chimney.

Once inside, you will find the machine in one of the corners in the room with wooden planks.

You must interact to hack the arcade machine, and follow what is dictated to us on the screen. It’s basically moving the circle icon to the X on a grid within the time limit, avoiding the obstacles on the way.

You have to manually select the addresses with the radial menu at the bottom of the screen. So we just interact with the different arrows to bring the circle to the X.

Ride a Rogue Bike in Drift Detour, Waste Drums and Neon Bay Bridge (3)

In this challenge we must find any Rogue motorcycle and use it to go through three bridges or specific areas that are located on the map.

You can use the same bike in all three locations, or get a different bike.

We must pass the motorcycle through these three places that we indicate on the map below:

Shoot targets with submachine guns or assault rifles while sliding the scroll bars (3)

We must go to MEGA City where we find the relevant scroll bars, which are those colored ribbons.

We need an SMG or an assault rifle while you are on these scroll bars to shoot the different targets that appear in order to complete the challenge.

Hack the Faraway Labs Arcade Machine

Similar to the first challenge, but this time we must go to Faraway Laboratories that you have located in the northeast area of ​​the map near Brutal Bastion.

It is a location with a name that you have marked on the map, so it is not lost.

Once you reach Far Labs, we need to find the relevant arcade machine. You have several located just a little north of the main houses.

When you find these machines, interact with them to hack them, following the same steps in the first challenge of the Syndicate challenges.

Restore data receivers (2)

We must restore the data receivers that are on the ground at various points on the island, and that are already marked.

  • We find one in the central part of the map to the east of Picturesque Square.
  • We have another one north of the new MEGA city.
  • The other one is also located to the east of MEGA City.

We show them on the following map:

Search computers for evidence of tampering

You should look for computers with evidence of tampering. And we have several options. You have one of the computers in Faraway Laboratories while the other is in a house on a mountain east of MEGA City.

In our case we recommend going to the computer that is east of MEGA City, since it is quite close to the previous quest to restore the data receivers.

Look for the computer that has a glowing aura inside the stage, and interact with it.

A radial menu will appear at the bottom of the screen with several folders that you will need to search through.

On this particular computer in eastern MEGA City, the correct folder is labeled a “cookbook draft.”

You just have to select it, and then hit continue several times to pass the dialogue, and the challenge will be completed in this way.

Informa a Evie o Thunder

You must visit one of these two characters, and interact with them exhausting all lines of dialogue. It is only necessary to speak to one of the two.

You have Evie to the southeast of the map, where the Isolated Village is. While you have Thunder in the area of ​​​​Termas calmas. He visits anyone and completes the last challenge.

Once you complete all the challenges, you will have taken a lot of experience points, and you will have to wait for the publication of the second part of the Syndicate challenges that will not be for a while.