Sons of the Forest: How to get the mutant Virginia to be your ally

Sons of the Forest: How to get the mutant Virginia to be your ally

With Sons of the Forest already released in Steam, many players are enjoying this sequel to The Forest that has already succeeded in terms of sales. The game has blown it in PC and many fans are exploring this new island full of secrets.

The game complies as a sequel and incorporates a number of systems, such as the possibility of recruiting allies that will help you survive. In Sons of the forest there is one potential mate in particular that is generating a lot of curiosity.

We talk about Virginia, a mutant with three arms and three legs that, without a doubt, she can lend you more than one hand… However, it may be a bit difficult for you to recruit her as an ally, since there is not much information about it. Here we tell you everything:

Sons of the Forest: How to get the mutant Virginia to be your ally

To easily recruit Virginia into Sons of the Forest you will have to know its location. The character usually appears in warm and temperate areas. He looks for places with water, such as rivers, lakes or the coast of the island, since he likes to bathe.

The peculiarity of this possible ally is that she is very fearful and distrustful, so she You MUST NOT approach her as soon as you see her. Stay at a safe distance and wait for her to come closer. If you don’t have weapons equipped, all the better.

This will prevent her from running away and you can also make sure that you don’t kill her by accident, since she is a character that will not respawn in the game if you kill her. Once she approaches, she will offer you a present and you can recruit her.

Doing so has its advantages, since Virginia will give you valuable materials if she is your partner. In addition, the availability of her arms means that she can carry several weapons at the same time… Something that does not come at all bad knowing the dangers that lurk in this sequel to The Forest in Steam.

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