Sons of the Forest: Where to find the 3D Printer and list of craftable items

Sons of the Forest: Where to find the 3D Printer and list of craftable items

One of those essential elements that we need for our games at Sons of the Forest, is the 3D printerand thanks to it we will be able to manufacture a lot of items as long as we have ink.

We can find several 3D printers throughout the game, some more easily accessible than others, and we will give you the location of the ones we have found on the map of Sons of the Forest.

In general, they are usually in underground caves or closed rooms next to ink that is used to recharge the 3D printer from time to time when manufacturing different items that we can use.

On the other hand, we are also going to tell you all the items that you can make with the 3D printer in Sons of the Forest, so that you can take advantage of it from the start.

Sons of the Forest: Where to find the 3D Printer and craftable items

To find any of the 3d printersyou must rely on your GPS device, since it will mark in green some of the points of interest that you can visit, among which 3D printers could be found.

First 3D printer

You have it available near the helicopter crash site. So head into this area, and leaving the mountains to the north, you should see two caves, one directly to the south and one to the southeast.

Thanks to the GPS you should see a green dot near the southeast cave.

So go straight to the green dot, and when you get close, you should locate a spot covered in weeds and vines.

Try to find an area to access it until you enter a dark corridor. At the end of it you will find a rest area that has the 3D printer and also ink available for you to use.

Second 3D printer

You have it located on the western side of the island, between the ocean and the snowy mountainous landscape and it also appears with a green point of interest when using the GPS.

When you get to the green dot, you should see an old, overgrown golf cart and a cave entrance not far away.

As soon as you enter the cave, it will lead you directly to an underground bunker.

At the end of the corridor, you will find a room that has the 3D printer, a sleeping bag, and also some resources, including printer ink.

Third 3D printer

To get to it, you must first locate the shovel, and this green point of interest is located at the excavation site in the northwest of the island.

You must access the underground ship, dig in said site and locate a room with the 3D printer along with various inks.

Articles that we can manufacture with the 3D printer

Next to each of the items we show you the amount of ink that is needed and, once you run out of ink, you will have to recharge the 3D printer with the inks that you have obtained and that are on the island, although in few units.

  • Arrows (50 ml): ammunition for the bow.
  • Bottle (100 ml): To store fresh water and quench thirst.
  • Red Mask (150 ml): Can be used to talk cannibals out of attacking you.
  • Grappling Hooks (100ml) – Can be combined with rope to create a zip line and used in conjunction with the rope gun.
  • Tech Mesh (250 ml) – One of the materials needed to craft Tech Armor.
  • Sled (1000 ml) – Can be used for riding downhill or down the river.

So with this, you know where to find the main 3D printers in Sons of the Forest and the items that can be made with it.

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