Star Wars Jedi Survivor: everything that remains in New Game + and how to start it

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Cal Kestis’ adventure in Star Wars Jedi Survivor includes a mode New Game + which works the same as in other games: it allows you to start the game over keeping the skills.

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor there are many things to do after beating the story, and the option to start a New Game+ is one of them if you are not very interested in finding all the collectibles or doing all the side quests.

Another option is to decide to “rush” the main story the first time you play it (play just the main story, which would take you 18 hours, according to HowLongtoBeat data) and spend your second journey in New Game+ exploring it all, which it can take you more than 30 hours.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: everything that remains in New Game + and how to start it

New Game+ mode is unlocked after beating the main story. When you return to the main menu, you can check in the menu “Start New Journey +“.

Here you can choose again the difficulty level of the combat:

  • History mode
  • Fellow Jedi
  • jedi knight
  • Jedi master
  • Grand Jedi Master

If you do, be sure to save it to a different save file than your first game, so you don’t delete it in case you decide to go back to explore.

If you decide to start New Game+, this is all you’ll keep:

  • All lightsaber moves you got
  • All skill points (remember that you can redistribute them whenever you want)
  • All cosmetic items such as Cal Kestis outfits

In addition, you will get 3 additional and optional modifiers that you will only unlock when starting the New Game+ mode:

  • Purity: Weapons do much more damage (yours and enemies)
  • Warrior: Replaces normal enemies with much more difficult enemies
  • Trendsetter: Every time you die you spawn with random cosmetic items

this is how you can unlock New Game+ mode in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and what you will keep in your new game.

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