Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – how to make chests, data discs and more collectibles show up on the map

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - how to make chests, data discs and more collectibles show up on the map

We have a lot of collectibles available in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and the map can become our best friend, as long as we find the various upgrades for it.

There are up to four map updates that allow us to find all those improvements and collectibles that we seek for our games at Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

If we find these map updates for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, we will know the situation of data discs, scrolls, seed pods, reward discs or music tracks, among many other things.

So we help you unlock all four map upgrades for the collectibles that exist in Star Wars Eat: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – how to make chests, data discs and more collectibles show up on the map

Map updates for treasures

Thanks to this map update we will know the situation of the priority fragments, data discs or Jedah scrolls.

For this we must play through the story first since we are not going to be able to access most of the areas since they are locked behind abilities that can only be obtained during the story.

When you have completed the story, you can fast travel to the meditation point of the Anchorite base in Jedah and it is time to open our holomap.

You need to locate the Wayfinders grave area. When we have arrived we will see that at the top of the rock there is a closed tomb that when open gives you access to the map update.

But to open the tomb you have to complete three puzzles where you have to direct a kind of orb over the top of the rock, moving and sliding parts of a wall.

The three puzzles are separate:

  • Path of restoration, specifically, you have it to the west of the meditation point of the Anchorite base.
  • Path of persistence, we have it to the east of the meditation point of the base.
  • Camino de la convinción, we have it to the north of the meditation point of the base.

When you have solved all three puzzles and obtained the essences, you need to return to the tomb area which will now be open.

Go down it until you locate a terminal and it will give you the map update.

Chest Map Update

With this update, we will have chests, stim canisters or BD-1 upgrades available.

You must first play through the story, and after that, fast travel to the Mountain Climb Meditation Point, in the Prospector’s Mad Region, which is located in Koboh.

After that, you have to return to the falls, and from here fly to the platform and use the metal sheets on the trapdoor that is on the left side of the cabin that you have there. Drop down and access the caverns until you locate a terminal that you can interact with for this map update.

Essence Map Update

With the update we will have the benefits and skill points, among others, on the map.

Play the same through the story. After that you have to complete the seven Jedi chambers and get the final reward.

When you have completed all seven chambers, travel to the Alignment Control Center Meditation Fast Point.

It is an underground area that you will have already unlocked while playing the story, and right at the meditation point, you should already see the seven Jedi chamber monitors in green.

If they are not green, you must complete all seven chambers beforehand to get the corresponding map update.

Flower map update

Thanks to it we will have the relevant seed pods.

First you have to find and recruit Pili Walde whom you find in Mesa in Jedha. Don’t worry you will automatically pass through this area in chapter 4, and when you talk to the character she will be recruited immediately and then you will find her on the roof of the cantina from then on.

You then need to find a sample of the 10 flower plants available in the game, then go back to the garden and plant them all. When they are all fully grown, more floors will be unlocked and the corresponding terminal will be available for all the seeds to appear on the map.