Teraincursion of Dragapult and Hydreigon: best Pokemon and strategies to beat

Teraincursion of Dragapult and Hydreigon: best Pokémon and strategies to beat

We have an interesting theraincursion available for a limited time that you should take advantage of to face great pseudo-legendary creatures in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple.

In this way, from January 6 to 9, the second round of Dragapult and Hydreigon pseudo-legendary Pokemon will be available for Scarlet Pokemon and Pokemon Purple, with four and five star raids.

Note that Dragapult will appear in pokemon purple while Hydreigon will appear in Pokemon Scarlet.

So we are going to give you a series of recommendations so that you can face the Pokemon Hydreigon and Dragapult in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple to succeed in these new teraincursions.

Teraincursion of Dragapult and Hydreigon: best Pokemon and strategies to beat

Both Dragapult and Hydreigon have a great moveset that you should be aware of.

For example, Dragapult has the move will or wisp that is capable of burning non-fire-type creatures, while Hydreigon has been given the move Thunder Wave that is capable of paralyzing opponents.

The best thing to do is use Gholdengo’s ability called Good as Gold which makes it immune to these moves or you could also gamble on giving a creature a lum berry.

As far as builds to beat both Dragapult and Hydreigon go, this would be my recommendation.

For Dragapult you could bet on Ferropalmas since it can withstand physical attacks and is immune to different movements of this pseudo-legendary creature that we are facing. It is recommended that you also add an energy buff to Iron Palms to increase its attack stat.

For Hydreigon you could bet on Sylveon since it has a high special defense and immunity to meteorite, the characteristic movement of the creature we are facing.

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