Teraincursion of Typhlosion in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how and when to participate and best counters

Teraincursion of Typhlosion in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: how and when to participate and best counters

Typhlosion is the protagonist of the new 7 Star Raid from Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Through these events, the Pokédex of the Switch game is expanded with Pokemon that cannot be obtained in any other way in Paldea… and only for a limited time.

This time it is the turn of the final evolution of Cyndaquilthe starting fire type of the third generation, Ruby and Sapphire.

By egg breeding (thanks to Ditto) it’s even possible to get a Typhlosion egg that spawns a Cyndaquil and a Quilava and add it to the Pokédex… but for that you’ll have to beat the 7-star Teraid, and it’s not easy. Good thing you have help!

Typhlosion 7 Star Raid Dates

This theraincursion takes place over two weekends. If you don’t get it the first weekend, you will have another second chance two weeks later to train your Pokemon and achieve it.

Take note of the dates and times of the Typhlosion event, on schedule CET (Spanish peninsular time):

  • From Friday 14 of April at 01:00, to Monday 17 of April at 00:59
  • From Friday 21 of April at 01:00, to Monday 24 of April at 00:59

Will Cyndaquil be one of the returning Pokemon in the Treasure of Area Zero DLC coming out later this year? Just in case, take the opportunity to get its final evolution now!

Tricks to Defeat Typhlosion

Typhlosion will be of Teratipo Fantasmabut in the first part of the fight it will use attacks type Fuego. In addition, it has the ability Absorb Fire, which means that if you attack it with fire moves you will empower its Fire attacks.

Fortunately one of the best counters to Typhlosion is a Pokemon that you can easily find in the game: Dachsbun.

Their ability baked body makes him immune to fire-type attacks, and increases his defense whenever he is hit by fire attacks, such as Burst empowered by Sunny Day.

That Typhlosion has a phantom teratype means that, when it Teracrystallizes, it will be weak against Ghost and Dark typesso you should balance your team with one of this type.

Another one that also has the ability Absorb Fire is Ceruledge. Other Pokemon that will be resistant to Fire and Ghost moves is Houndoomwhile Annihilapewith the move Fury Punch, will increase the damage it deals after each hit.

Finally, Chi-Yu is another option that is proving very effective in the community by combining Scream and Shadow Pulse with Light Screen and Scheme.

Conditions to participate in Teraincursiones of 7 stars

You cannot participate in these Tera-raid events just like that. They are raised for those players who have passed the postgame and the lathe of the Academy at the end of the game several times, to be able to fully train your Pokemon.

-You must be connected to the Internet: The game will not connect by itself unless you enter the Poké portal and connect by pressing L, select Mystery Gift and Receive news from the Poképortal.

You will automatically download the latest news from the Poképortal, and you will be able to find the Teraincursion somewhere on the mapyou will recognize it by being a black symbol, with the teratype symbol it has (in the case of Typhlosion, Ghost).

-You must have passed the game and part of the postgame: Specifically, you must have watched the credits of the game and then completed the Grand Academy Fight Tournamentwhich requires winning a rematch with all eight gym leaders and then winning a four-fight tournament in a row at the Plateau City Academy.

-You must have passed at least 10 teraincursions of 4 or 5 stars so that you get the Teraincursions of 6 and 7 stars (which are the ones of the events).

OJO: This does not mean that you cannot participate if you have not passed the postgame. If a friend invites you to their teraincursions online, you can participate. Another thing is that you have Pokemon with a sufficient level to stand up to him, although they can always lane you to get your long-awaited Samurott.

-You need to pay for Nintendo Switch Online to play teraids online: You will not need it to participate in them, but if you do not have the paid online, you will play with coaches controlled by the AI.

-Only one Teraincursion comes out per day for each player, although you can repeat it as many times as you want until you win. You can only capture one at a time. You can then help other players and get other rewards, such as EXP Candy and Teralites, but you can only capture it once.

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