Teraincursions of Ondulagua and Ferroverdor in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to get the new pokémon and better counters

Teraincursions of Ondulagua and Ferroverdor in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: how to get the new pokémon and better counters

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on Nintendo Switch they now add two new paradox pokémon to the Paldea Pokédex. Ondulagua and Ferroverdor They come generating a lot of hype among the trainers of the most recent installments of the saga.

However, to capture these Pokemon you will have to meet a series of requirements and keep in mind certain information. Ondulagua and Ferroverdor they will only be available to capture through temporary special theraraids. Do not miss anything about these new Pokemon:

Terraincursions of Ondulagua and Ferroverdor in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: schedules and requirements

The new Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Purple will be available until Sunday March 12, 2023 at teraraids 5 stars. Remember that in order to participate they will have to have completed at least one of the three game paths available.

You also have to know that Ripple Water is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet. y Ferververde from Pokemon Purple. These Pokemon will have the Water and Psychic teratypes respectively once you battle them.

Best counters to defeat Ondulagua and Ferroverdor

Given their power, you will most likely go with other players for them and you must also keep their type combination in mind. Ondulagua is Water / Dragon y Ferverdor Grass / Psychic, so you must have pokémon in your team that can easily counter.

If you want to defeat Ondulagua take pokemon like Bellibolt, Annihilape, Miraidon o sapling and if you want to stand up to Ferroverdor for Grimmsnarl, Skeledirge, Sizor, Ceruledge o Gholdengo. There are a few really good options for both.

Now all that remains is to get hold of them. Hurry up if you want to get them easily in the game!

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