The best Dead Island 2 ability cards

The best Dead Island 2 ability cards

Dead Island 2 is already here and one of the great novelties of the machacazombies game is that its skill system is now made up of cards that can form different synergies. Since there are 30 some are better than others.

There are several groups of cards and all of them are achieved by advancing in the story, unlocking different items, such as collectibles or eliminating super variants of zombies. However, what are Dead Island 2 best ability cards. This is what we solve here.

The best Dead Island 2 ability cards

dexterity skills

  • Flying kick: Put a flying kick that despite not doing as much damage allows you greater movement and recovery.
  • Spitting Cobra: throwing up caustic damage is what you’re going to do. Very few zombies are immune, so this attack is very effective.

survival skills

  • Insatiable: We’re just telling you to reserve all of your fury when you equip this card.
  • Pain threshold: Block or dodge for a slight damage boost.

assassination skills

  • Janus Wrath: You get bonus damage and stamina depending on how full your rage bar is. It can get you out of more than one bind.
  • clinical eye: ideal to combine with throwable objects.

Numen Skills

  • corpse flower: all that zombie affected by some elemental effect will explode… BOOM!!!

With these abilities you should be able to attack all kinds of enemies in Dead Island 2. Of course, you should always keep in mind that some are only unlocked depending on the character you play as.

Take a look at our Dead Island 2 review: It is a pleasure to confirm that the ship has come to fruition by taking care of the true essence of the series: exploration, tinkering with weapons and slaughtering zombies is as pleasant as it is spectacular.