The best Fire Emblem Engage characters that should not be missing in your team

The best Fire Emblem Engage characters that should not be missing in your team

Throughout your adventure in Fire Emblem Engage you will meet characters of all classes, personalities and types. The vast majority can participate in the battles of each of the chapters that make up the Nintendo Switch game.

However, as is often the case with everything in life, there are some that turn out to be more useful than others. Therefore, in this guide we come to recommend you to 5 of the best characters in Fire Emblem Engage qWhat should not be missing in your team?.

We have selected them based on their usefulness in battle and their unique abilities. With them in combat, everything will be easier for you, so take care of them and don’t let them fall prematurely.


Kagetsu He is a swordsman who will join your team from chapter 10. He is extremely skilled and if you level him up you can get a formidable ally who usually takes advantage of his speed to attack the opponent several times and even perform a lethal critical.


It won’t be long after Kagetsu has been recruited when Pandrea join your team in the kingdom of Solm. Pandreo’s qualities are unique since this High Priest is an expert in healing spells and also performs perfectly in offensive matters.


Archers are essential in Fire Emblem Engage and the good guy Alcryst, which will be available in chapter 7, will come to your hair on more than one occasion. The only problem is that he is vulnerable, but you can always use him from the rear to weaken units.

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At the moment in which Merrin joins you more or less in the middle of the game you must, yes or yes, put her on your team. The wolf rider She is fast, agile, dodges a number of attacks and is also a beast offensively. It is practically mandatory that he be on your team.


And if you want brute force that destroys everything from the first moment, Panette is what you are looking for. It is a Barbarian with an ax who is a steamroller and who should always be one of those units that goes to the forefront crushing all kinds of enemies.

These are some of the best Fire Emblem Engage units, but not the only ones. Other examples and good choices are Diamant, Chloe, Saphir, or Zelkov.

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