The best God of War Ragnarok enchantments and how to get them

The best God of War Ragnarok enchantments and how to get them

God of War Ragnarok allows us to improve the potential of Kratos in combat with him Amulet. Initially, this item only has two slots, but getting Yggdrasil Jewels unlocks more. On each one you can place a unique enchantment.

There is a immense amount of enchantments in God of War Ragnarokso here we are going to list some of the best so that you do not have doubts when choosing how Kratos should go equipped for battle on PS5 and PS4.

The best God of War Ragnarok enchantments and how to get them

Charms of Asgard

  • fortress of asgard: you can get it if you defeat Hardrefill the Ruthless and it gives you 12 Strength and 3 Cooldown
  • power of asgard: It is obtained by defeating Beigadr the Fearsome and gives you 12 Defense and 3 Cooldown.
  • asgardian security: It is obtained by defeating Sisters of Illska and Svipdagr the Cold and gives you 12 Runic and 3 Cooldown.

Vanaheim Charms

  • Vanaheim Fortune: You can buy it at Brok and Sindri’s shop and it gives you 10 Luck.
  • Vanaheim Power: It is a Treasure buried in The Giant’s Toes and gives you 12 Defense and 3 Luck.
  • Honor de Vanaheim: If you get The Word of Destiny you can make it in the Brok and Sindri shop and it gives you 8 Runic and 5 Luck.

Symbol of elemental evasion

To get it you must complete the mission Animal Instincts. This is an incantation that will free you from the problems of altered states. Dodging with a cartwheel speeds up the disappearance of burns, frostbites, or poisons.

stun fang

You will get it by completing one of the War Casualties quests called The Scroll. This enchantment causes shock waves to be generated when hitting stunned enemies. In addition, strength can be accumulated.

Those are the best enchantments in the game. Do you play God of War Ragnarok in PS5 y PS4? In that case, we recommend you take a look at these guides in Hobby Consoles: What does luck do and how to improve it, All the difficulty levels of the game, or Best skills to apply first for the Leviathan Ax.

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