The best Marvel Snap deck with MODOK, the card of the season that passes the discard archetype

The best Marvel Snap deck with MODOK, the card of the season that passes the discard archetype

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the third installment of the adventures of Scott Lang and Janet van Dyme, now in the Quantum Realm, is already on the billboard. And precisely the February season of Marvel Snap deals with the Quantum Realm.

MODOK, one of the strangest villains in the Marvel universe, makes his UCM debut in the film and also in Marvel Snap like the season card, which currently can only be obtained if you pay for the season pass.

Therefore, here we explain how MODOK works and what is the best deck you can create with it. We also remind you that later it can be obtained without paying.

Best Deck with MODOK, Marvel Snap’s Card of the Season

The star card of the season pass is M.O.D.O.K. This is the card that you will get as soon as you buy the premium season pass, at level 1, so you can start using it immediately. At level 50 you will get a premium exclusive variant of MODOK.

MODOK has 5 cost and 8 powerand an effect When Revealed: discard your hand. Under normal conditions, you’ll play it on turn 5, and its discard effect, which is a bad thing (which is why it’s so powerful) can be very easily used to your advantage with a deck that exploits the discard archetype.

There are several cards with obvious benefits from discards. One of them is Morbius (2-0) with a Continuous effect that gains +2 power for each discard card in the game: it can easily end the game with 10 or 12 power thanks to MODOK, and other discard cards you used in previous turns, such as Lady Sif or Sword Master.

Another card that will almost always benefit from MODOK is Strong Guy (4-4), with continuous effect of gaining +6 power if your hand is empty. Play it on turn 4, then play MODOK on turn 5, and on turn 6 play the last card you draw, and it will activate at the end of the game.

Hela and Apocalypse are two cards that benefit from discards. Apocalypse (6-8) returns to your hand with +4 power each time it is discarded, while Hela (6-8) revive all the cards you have discarded during the game in random locations.

On the other hand, America Chavez (6-9) is another of the more useful 6 cost cards you can use with MODOK, as you make sure you always get it on turn 6, and that MODOK doesn’t discard it early.

Another strategy is to play MODOK one turn early thanks to Electro (3-2)which gives you +1 energy on the next turn, but in return you can only play one card each turn.

For a MODOK risk-free one, if you have a Invisible Woman (2-2, cards played to its location aren’t revealed until the end), you’ll be able to hide MODOK’s presence until the end, so you don’t lose any 6-cost cards you were saving for the final turn.

Lastly, other cards with good synergies with discard decks are Wolverine (2-2)which when discarded is automatically placed in another location with +2 power, or Swarm (2-3)which when discarded returns to your hand with two 0-cost copies.

Without a doubt, these are the best options to create a deck with MODOK, the card of the season of the Quantum Realm of Marvel Snap.

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