The best meta decks in Marvel Snap: Nick Fury, Devil Dinosaur, Zero…

The best meta decks in Marvel Snap: Nick Fury, Devil Dinosaur, Zero...

The metagame of Marvel Snap It is constantly evolving due to the new cards that are added each season and the strategies that fans of this free to play card game share in the most competitive circles.

If you’ve started playing Marvel Snap, it won’t take long for you to get a lot of cards with various effects that you can take advantage of the synergies between cards to use in combos with devastating effects.

These are some of the decks made by Marvel Snap players to take advantage of some of the cards with the most potential:

The best meta decks in Marvel Snap: Nick Fury, Devil Dinosaur, Zero…

Nick Furia

SHIELD Director is a card that many players will have in their possession after it was awarded among the Christmas rewards. From cost 5 and power 7is a very powerful card for its ability When Revealed: Add three random 6-cost cards to your hand.

The advantages that building a deck with Nick Fury can have are several. For example, you can take the opportunity to put it on turn 5 and add 3 random 6 cost cards to your deck, so you don’t need to have many 6 cost cards in your deck.

Cards with good synergies for Nick Fury are The Collector o Devil Dinosaurwhich increase in power the more cards you have in your hand.


Zero is one of the cards that is causing the most talk in Marvel Snap, for the most advanced players (it’s from the Pool 3so you need to be at least collection level 486 to get it).

Zero is an apparently negative card: it only costs 1 energy and has 3 power, but in exchange for the next card you play not effecting its abilities. Despite this, Marvel Snap players have figured out how to use it to our advantage.

One of the best combos is to play Red Skull (which is another from Pool 3) after Zero, since it is a card that has an incredible power of 15 with a cost of 5, in exchange for the enemy cards having +2 power.

Using Zero to nullify Red Skull’s debuff turns Red Skull into a devastating card. But it’s not the only card with bad effects with which you can take advantage of Zero’s ability: Destroyer (which destroys your cards) or Doctor Octoupus (which won’t draw cards from your opponent’s hand).

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