The best Monster Hunter Rise weapons and which ones you should choose to start playing

The best Monster Hunter Rise weapons and which ones you should choose to start playing

Monster Hunter Rise has recently been released on PS5, PS4Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y Game Pass. The game of Capcom is coming back to prominence with its relaunch and has caught the attention of a lot of new players.

Therefore, if you dare with this saga and you have never played a title of this before or you have not enjoyed Monster Hunter Rise, here we leave you a list that surely is good for you to know: the best weapons in the game.

We have divided this guide into two different categories: one focused on best weapons for newbies and another with the best weapons overall, as well as the reasons why we consider them so. Take out the sharpening stone that the hunt continues.

The best Monster Hunter Rise weapons for novice players

  • Sword and shield: It is the beginner’s weapon par excellence, since it offers protection and mobility as well as a complete set of combos that are easy to execute. You will also be able to use items without having to sheath and many of his hits are quite spectacular.
  • double swords: If what you like is entering the rag to the minimum and you want to specialize in dodges and lightning attacks, these weapons are for you. They have two modes and a number of ideal combinations to “freak out really hard”. They are not very difficult to master.
  • light crossbow: When looking to attack from a distance, the light crossbow offers better mobility that comes in handy if you have not yet trained your dodge reflexes. Also, the variety of ammunition it has makes it very fun and versatile.

The best Monster Hunter Rise weapons for experienced players

  • Long sword: The way of the sword in Monster Hunter has been winning over many players for years. This weapon is perfect if you want to do big damage without sacrificing mobility. The slashes and combos that he executes are brilliant, although you must be clear that charging his power bar is not always so easy.
  • Insect Glaive: Maybe one of the particular ones, but really fun to use. It is possible to fly with this weapon thanks to the cordopter. Although it is easy to handle, once you get all three upgrades, the storm of blows you can cause is overwhelming.
  • great sword: The flagship weapon of the saga offers protection and colossal damage, but will make you extremely slow. Of course, if you know how to calculate the times to maximize damage, few monsters resist an avoidance from these beasts.
  • Bagpipes: Many are not surprised, but this support weapon is essential if you go hunting with friends. You will be able to boost attacks, defenses and many more statistics with a good rhythm session while you hit the sea of ​​blunt blows.

These would be the best weapons that you can use, although that does not mean that the rest are completely valid and just as fun. Of course, you should not miss our general Monster Hunter Rise guide: cheats, tips, best weapons and armor, secrets and much more.

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