The best packs of objects for The Sims 4 that you can get completely free

The best packs of objects for The Sims 4 that you can get completely free

During all these years, there has been a great community in the sims 4 that have been launching a multitude of content so that the rest of the users could download it.

This content, for the most part, has served to complete those facets or elements that the development team has left aside or incomplete in many of the subsequent updates of The Sims 4.

And we want to highlight a series of packages of contentswith hundreds and hundreds of objects for your games at The Sims 4, and that you can download.

There are formal, more futuristic, risky or colorful styles, and they will surely adapt to each of your neighborhoods and houses in The Sims 4.

The best packs of objects for The Sims 4 that you can get completely free

Felixandresims and HeyHarrie

They are custom content creators who have come together, and have created a great furniture set with options for kitchen, bathroom, garden, and even children’s furniture.

The kitchen pack includes up to 56 items ranging from tables, plants, and appliances; The bathroom pack contains 94 pieces and is perfect for those looking for modern options for their bathrooms. the garden package has 51 pieces, and will obviously allow us to turn our outdoor area into something unique; and finally the last package is focused on furniture for small sims.


Plumbob Tea Society

A collaborative group of content creators that have launched various packages who come to complete the updates Development team officials.

We have a package addressed to the garden area containing 171 items; another wedding-themed package containing 70 items; and a last pack that is more focused on elements of space and alien things, which includes 127 items.



Content creator specializing in minimalist and modern custom content. For example, we have the minimalist bedroom, contemporary living and elegant kitchen packages, which each include 20 to 25 unique items.

On the other hand, we have its package inspired by Ikea furniture, where we will find seats, countertops, shelves, desks and much more.



Another personalized content creator specialized in producing contemporary elegant furniture solutions, with three packages that we recommend and contain a multitude of furniture that you can combine with all the houses in your neighborhood since they bet on the existing color palette and styles.



This creator features more Art Deco and Futuristic-themed items, with plenty of options to give our neighborhoods a totally unique and futuristic feel.


With the previous packs, you already have hundreds and hundreds of items that you can incorporate right out of the box in each of your The Sims 4 houses.

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