The best Persona 4 Golden characters and which ones you should avoid having on your team

The best Persona 4 Golden characters and which ones you should avoid having on your team

It goes on sale tomorrow Persona 4 The Golden for PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows, in a version translated into Spanish that rescues one of the best games in the Atlus role-playing saga.

Oh, and we remind you that you can also play it at no additional cost on Xbox Game Pass (if you are subscribed, of course). As for the version for PS4, it will be backward compatible on PS5.

Persona 4 first saw the light of day in 2008, as a PS2 exclusive, while years later the Golden version was released for PS Vita and Steam. In essence, this new version is identical to the originalbut adds two new characters.

Before sinking your teeth into the new Persona 4 The Golden, surely you are interested in knowing what they are the best characters you can use, and which ones are not so recommended. We break it down in this Atlus JRPG guide.

Best and worst Persona 4 Golden characters

In this guide we will talk about the most recommended characters for adventure, as well as others that are not so much. There really is one that clearly surpasses the rest, and surely if you are fans of Persona you can imagine where the shots are going.

Below we will talk about each of them, assessing their unique abilities, relationship with the rest of the characters, and other details.

we qualify each of the characters with a letter, in the style of a tier list. Thus, the best character will have an S, while the worst ones will have the letter D. Characters A and B would enter the ”best” category, while C would be closer to the ”worst”.

Protagonist (S Rank)

Yu Narukami is the protagonist of Persona 4 Golden (although the player can change the name), and without a doubt he is the best character in the game. It is a cliché, but it is undeniable that Narukami is the most versatile, effective and decisive of all those we meet in the adventure.

The protagonist can inflict more damage than the rest of the characters, and at the same time take less damage, although for this you have to know how to develop it. Has access to unique abilitiesboth attack and healing and support.

Yukiko (Rango A)

He is possibly the best character in Persona 4 after the protagonist. Yukiko is an expert in magic, and is the only one (along with Narukami) who can develop tier 4 spells (such as Burning Petals). He is also tremendously helpful with his healing and support abilities.

in offensive terms does not meet the standards of the protagonist, but the combination of Burning Petals and Mind Charge can be deadly for enemies. We recommend you improve his ability with fire and equip items that improve his magic stats.

Naoto (rank A)

Naoto is the most versatile character in Persona 4 Golden, along with the protagonist. The best asset of him is that he can learn spells of almost any category, although with a level 3 limitation in all of them. Elements such as Light and Dark are also included.

She doesn’t deal as much damage as Yukiko or Narukami, but her Mind Charge ability is very useful for clearing the game’s dungeons. Yes indeed, we recommend changing it for boss fights. He is unbeatable in random combat.

Yosuke (Rango B)

Let’s say that Yosuke is the “eternal second best” (don’t let his fans get mad). He dominates all the records of Persona 4 Golden, but without really standing out in any section. Nonetheless, he is almost at the same level as Naoto thanks to the Dekaja ability.

Basically this ability increases his stats, especially in regards to doing more damage with each attack. It is recommended to use Naoto for the dungeon run, and then change it to Yosuke for the boss. Be careful with your wind spells.

Chie (rank B)

Chie’s best asset, and the reason she’s higher on this list, is Dragon Hustle. It’s his best attack, and once you get it you’ll just want to get the Chakra Ring item so he can execute it multiple times per fight. Also, he is a balanced character on a magical level.

Another advantage of Chie is that most of her attacks affect all enemies during combat. He also has a number of ice spells, as well as Black Spot and Rampage.which make her a character to be reckoned with.

Rise (rank B)

Rise is the guide character of Persona 4 Golden, and It is mandatory to have her in the team. It is recommended to maximize her friendship with her, as this will allow her to better execute her scanning and tracking abilities in combat.

The best thing about Rise is that can protect the team from such devastating attacks as Megidolaon, Mahamaon and Mamudoon, as well as increase the attack of your team. To do this, you must first complete the tracking of the enemy, which is also very useful for finding objects.

Kanji (rango C)

Quite a similar character to Chie, and you can actually swap between them at certain points in Persona 4 Golden. Nevertheless, Kanji’s Matarujaka ability is inferior to Chie’s fearsome Dragon Hustle (although it is achieved before), so in general terms it is ”worst character”.

Kanji is very useful in boss fights, but quite poor in the face of random combat. He’s a bit like Yosuke, but not even close in terms of damage, which makes him more expendable than the rest.

Teddy (D rank)

The worst character in Persona 4 Golden, although he’s not that terrible either. Teddie can be useful in the early stages of the gameespecially for his healing ability and Matarukaja/Marakunda, but once he advances he will become more expendable than the rest.

His damage, healing, and support stats are weaker than the rest, and does not offer much support in combat either. Of course, he has some ice spells that are not bad, but he is clearly a worse character than Yukiko or Chie, to be honest.

These are the Persona 4 The Golden characters that we recommend (or not) to choose for the adventure. Be clear that none is within the reach of the protagonist, something common in the Atlus Persona saga and in the JRPG genre.

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