The best Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple for fighting

How to quickly evolve Dreepy in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

You will surely end up completing the pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purpleand once you have access to so many creatures in the adventure, you may have some doubts about which ones to use the most in combat.

Sometimes we also pay too much attention to the design of the Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and pokemon purpleand we leave out some creatures that are tremendously powerful but appear to be weak.

That is why, and leaving the legendary ones aside, we want to recommend a set of 10 Pokemon to Scarlet Pokemon and Purple Pokemon that we consider to be the most powerful for fighting.

Some of you have been using Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple recently in your games, but others, on the other hand, you had left aside.

The best Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple for fighting


It is a psychic and fighting type creature that is ideal to face off against dark, ice and steel opponents.

It stands out for having a great attack stat of 125. The good thing about using this creature is that thanks to movements like hypnosis, it will be easier to capture other Pokemon.


It stands out for the move Last Respects since it has a base power of 50 and an accuracy of 100%, but the good thing is that it can increase by 50 every time a Pokemon on the team faints.

Armarouge o Ceruledge

Depending on the version of the game you have, you can evolve Charcadet to Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet or to Ceruledge in Pokemon Purple.

These evolutions have high stats, especially speed, and that you should take advantage of.


The idea is that we evolve it by getting the 999 corresponding coins that are hidden. Its evolution features a great 133 special attack, great defense stats, and the Good and Gold ability that grants it immunity to any status move.


He has 670 base playable stats and a combo of 150 health and 100 defense, and while he’s bulky and slow looking, they have a whopping 100 speed.

Also highlight its attack stat of 160 that can be combined with movements such as impact and mega.


It is a fairy and steel type creature that has nine types of resistances and immunity to dragon and poison type attacks.

It also has one of the best moves like the hammer which is a steel type and deals 60 damage with 100% accuracy.


Specifically his hero form that activates when he leaves the battle. Thanks to this he has a huge boost in base stats going from 457 to 650, with the most prominent being the 160 attack stat.


This pseudo legendary has great power for battle, and has access to some of the best moves like earthquake or meteor, along with impressive stats of attack of 130, defense of 115 speed of 102 that are above average. .


This pseudo legendary has a speed stat of 142, and is one of the fastest, and has an attack ability of 120 and a special attack of 100. Also highlight his dart movement that is capable of knocking down opponents before they know it. He is exclusive to Pokemon Purple.

Flutter Mane

This instead is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet and has 135 special attack, 135 special defense and 135 speed. It is a Fairy and a Ghost type, with three immunities and only two weaknesses. Ideally, you should use it against special attackers because it becomes the best card in the deck.

Surely there are other creatures that seem more powerful to you, but from our personal experience they are the ones that we usually use the most in the battles of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple.

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