The best pokemon to help you catch other wild pokemon in pokemon scarlet and purple

The best pokemon to help you catch other wild pokemon in pokemon scarlet and purple

Catching Pokemon isn’t always easy. Many times you try to weaken a Pokemon by reducing its health as much as possible… but you inadvertently kill it. That annoys a lot, although fortunately there are movements that can help us in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Undoubtedly the most useful is fake smack. This normal attack will never knock out a Pokemon: if you use it, it will remove damage from it, but it will always have at least 1 HP left.

That way, you can ensure that you always KO her to the max without killing her. But how many Pokemon can learn this move?

How to get the TM Fake Smack

To obtain it MT057 (which is False Smack) you must go to the Academy. There you can talk to Professor Cinio, in the biology lab. Once you have registered 30 Pokemon in your Pokédex, it will give you the TM.

This TM is ready to teach any Pokemon that can learn it, but you also receive the recipe with which you can make more, to teach the movement to more Pokemon. For this, you need:

  • 400 League Points
  • 3 Garras Chewtle
  • 3 Kricketot Molt

What Pokemon can learn False Smack?

Some of the more common Pokemon that can learn False Smack are Persian, Meowth, Scizor, Sneasel o Heracrosswhich you can find around Paldea.

Galladefor example, is one of the best, since it allows you to combine that attack with his ability Hypnosisto put the Pokemon to sleep, something that will also make it easier for you to catch it.

Gallade is the third evolution of Rats y Kirlia. You can find Rats in Area 1 (South) and it will evolve into Kirlia at level 20. To do this, however, you will need to expose a male Kirlia to a dawn stone, and only if the Kirlia is a male. Otherwise, she will evolve into Gardevoir when she reaches level 30.

Another Pokemon that can learn False Smack is Jolteonone of the evolutions of Eevee, and which also has the movement Yawn that puts the pokemon to sleep

Here we explain where you can get Eevee. To evolve Jolteon, you must give it a thunder stone.

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