The best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy and other useful tricks in combat

The best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy and other useful tricks in combat

The greatest Harry Potter game ever made is here. yes we are talking about Hogwarts Legacy, who has even used up his Dualsense controller for PS5 in a matter of a minute. And of course, the game is already a commercial success around the world.

Harry and his friends may not be in the game (although you can create them), but Hogwarts Legacy It has all the elements to make fans fall in love from the magic saga

Beyond the broomstick flight, the main plot and the exploration, Hogwarts Legacy also places great importance on combat. Only a great wizard or witch will get the most out of each spell to win each duel.

In this Hogwarts Legacy guide we share the best spell combinations you can use in combat. Surprise your enemies and give them no chance with these magical tips.

Best spell combos for combats and duels

Combat is a vital aspect of Hogwarts Legacy. You need to win duels to gain experience and progress with your character, especially when it comes to defeating giant spiders, skeletons, or trolls, among other magical niceties.

Luckily we have a wide range of spells, both offensive and defensive. There are many of them, and we can improve their effects with talents.

If you want to resolve the fights as soon as possible, we recommend that you get used to using spell combos. As its name indicates, it is about chaining several enchantments to achieve a brutal effect.

They don’t necessarily have to be two (or more) offensive spells. Many times you will get a win thanks to the use of a movement, support or defense spell, so keep that in mind.

Petrificus Totalus + Imperio

What better than to immobilize your enemy and hit him without opposition? This is what you will get with this infallible combo, and it is also that with the Imperio curse you will make it do everything you want. Of course, only the darkest wizards and witches use an unforgivable curse.

With Petrificus Totalus you will immobilize your enemy, and then they will fall before you in a matter of seconds. If it is a large enemy (a troll) or there are several, combining it with Empire you will make them face each otherwhile you watch.

Light + Depulso / Descend

The Levioso spell allows us to lift an enemy into the air. Facing combat, we recommend using two complementary spells to hit him against the ground (or against other objects). The use of Depulso and Descendo (depending on the situation) will give you a lot of play in combat.

First use Levioso, and prevent your enemy from reacting with Depulso’s attacks… or just smash it into the ground using Descendo. You can combine them as you like.

Ice + Diffindo

It’s similar to what we do with Petrificus Totalus. The Glacius spell freezes your enemy for a few seconds, but if you combine it with Diffindo (running sharp blades)You won’t give yourself a chance.

Soon you will see how your opponent turns into icy bits, although this combo is more recommended if it deals with small enemies. You can use another offensive spell in Diffindo’s place, mind you.

Accio + Descend + Ice + Fire

One of the most extensive combinations, but also one of the best. With this combo you will be able to increase the damage done, since the multiplying factor will enter for using no less than four spells.

First, use Accio to pull your enemy towards you. Immediately, with Descendo you will stamp him to the ground, preventing him from getting away.

Now follow up with an icy jolt from Glacius… and, finally, use Fire to melt it down in a few seconds. It is somewhat complex to memorize, but once you get used to it, it becomes a deadly movement.

Light + Descend + Ice + Diffindo

Similar to the previous combo, since we only change Levioso for Accio and Diffindo for Incendio. This is where the time factor comes in. since Fire takes a little longer to weaken the opponentbut it increases the multiplier because the combo is extended more.

If you are more of finishing the fight as soon as possible, then do not hesitate to use this combination. Lift your enemy up with Levioso, stamp them down with Descendo, and turn them into an ice cube with Glacius. Finish the play with Diffindo’s blades.

Transformation + Diffindo / Depulso

Once you master the transformation, this combo will be really useful. By using this spell, you will transform your opponent into an object for a whilewhich gives you quite an advantage.

Complement Transformation with Diffindo (to deal physical damage) or hit him with Depulsodepending on the type of object you transformed it into.

Accio + Wingardium Leviosa

We finished with the combo of Accio and Wingardium Leviosa, more focused on exploration than in combat itself. It is very useful to use objects for our own benefit, either to reach high surfaces or to clear the way.

With Accio you will attract the object towards you, while Wingardium Leviosa gives us control of it while suspended in the air.

These are The best spell combinations for Hogwarts Legacy combat. Of course, we encourage you to try the ones you want, since ingenuity is also a great virtue of an excellent wizard or witch.

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