The best tips and tricks for beginners in Minecraft Legends

The best tips and tricks for beginners in Minecraft Legends

Arrives in stores today Minecraft Legends, the new game from the Mojang franchise for PC and consoles. Unlike the original Minecraft, this spin-off focuses on tactical action and strategy, although without neglecting the construction factor.

Minecraft Legends is an RTS accessible to everyone (although that doesn’t mean it’s easy), and it also offers different game modes: the campaign, the multiplayer and Lost Legendsso you have game for a while.

If you are just starting to play, you may not be clear on how to get materials, build your bases, protect your villages, and be victorious against the Piglins.

It’s okay, because in this Minecraft Legends guide we show you some tips and tricks to avoid biting the dust in your first games. The Mojang and Blackbird Interactive title is now available in stores and Xbox Game Pass.

Tricks and tips to start in the Overworld

The first of all when starting Minecraft Legends is to know the game modes. to start playing we recommend the campaignsince the multiplayer is more oriented to people who already know the basics (although there is a training mode against the AI).

You can play the campaign in cooperative mode (the most recommended), although don’t be overwhelmed if you decide to start it alone. The tutorial is not very long, but it teaches you the basic mechanics more than enough.

He Well of Destiny It is a key element that you should know. It’s kind of like your main base, where Clairvoyance, Action and Knowledge will give you some advice from time to time.

Here you can build upgrade structures, which allow you to collect new materials, items and expand your inventory or ally limiter. You can come back whenever you want using the Fast Travel feature.

collect materials

As in Minecraft and other survival games, the gathering mechanic is essential. In Minecraft Legends you will have the helpers (Allays)which will obtain raw material automatically once you select the desired area.

At first you will only be able to collect wood and stone (from trees and rocks)but little by little you will unlock resources such as iron, gold, or diamonds.

Helpers also build structures for you. By way of clarification, the yellow helpers are builders, and the blue ones are miners (the farmer of a lifetime).

To collect materials, just press the left trigger (LT on Xbox) and select the area you want to explode. With the right trigger (RT) you will execute the action.

Where to get each material?

The Minecraft Legends map is very wide, has several biomes and, logically, each one of them has its particularities.

Some materials can only be obtained in a specific biome. Relax, because below we share a list to make it easier:

  • diamonds: Jagged Peaks (tundra)
  • Redstone: swamp
  • Hierro: various biomes (especially in the savannah)
  • Coal: various biomes
  • lapis lazuli: It is obtained from the chests of the villagers (by protecting each village).
  • Prismarina: Invade Piglins bases and get victories
  • Oro: destroy bases and buildings of the Piglins

Mounts: where to find each one

The default mount in Minecraft Legends is Horse. Your faithful equine will accompany you wherever you go, although, frankly, it is not the best you can have.

In addition to the horse (there are several scattered around the map), in Minecraft Legends you can get three extra mounts. Some are faster than others, but there are also other factors to take into account.

These are the mounts available:

  • Tigre real: Considered the best of all, since it is fast and has good jumping ability.
  • Big peak: a colorful bird that you can find in the jungle. It can glide and is the mount that jumps the most of all.
  • Beetle: It is the slowest mount, but it can climb every surface and is more resistant than the rest.

tips miscellany

  • To get new skins without spending real money, complete challenges in Lost Legends mode.
  • When invading a Piglin base, use the troop selection (with LT) depending on whether they attack from a distance, if they are effective at destroying structures, etc…
  • get used to using the strategic view in combat (by pressing LT).
  • Recruit as many allies as you can by visiting dens of zombies, skeletons and creepers.
  • Fortify all the villages and protect them to get lapis lazuli.
  • Don’t let the Piglins lift a new outpost or fortify their bases overnight.
  • use the mossy golems to regenerate the health of your troops.
  • build wells in strategic places on the map, and alternate them with the Well of Fate.
  • From time to time, explore the map to discover some secrets (marked with a question mark).

Minecraft Legends is one of the most interesting releases of the month of April. You can now play it in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam, Nintendo Switch y Game Pass.

Are you playing Minecraft Legends? If so, we recommend you take a look at our analysis, buy the game at GAME to get a nice metal poster, or discover new details of its plot in this news.