The best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom armor (and what you should get as soon as possible)

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Throughout our adventure through Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we can find a multitude of collectibles, but we must also learn to pay attention to the armor we wear.

Although we can end Zelda Tears of the Kingdom With a basic armor, it is essential that we obtain the others because they offer us a series of advantages in the games.

Some of these armors for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are good for us to help us in combat, others to advance faster or even others to advance in adverse weather conditions.

Be that as it may, we tell you which are the best armors that you can find in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and how to unlock them.

The best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom armor (and what you should get as soon as possible)

Zora Armor

  • Increased swimming speed.

It consists of the armor, the knee pads and the helmet.

  • The armor is part of Sidon’s main mission in Zora’s domain where we must talk to Lady Yona in the infirmary to activate the mission to restore the armor. To do this we must find an ancient fish that can be obtained by talking to the blacksmith Dento in Zora’s domain on the east side, and you just have to finish the mission.
  • For the knee pads you must speak once more with Yona to start a new mission, which will take you on a journey through the lake, where you will reach an area where you can enter a whirlpool. After leaving it, follow the path until you find the knee pads in a chest.
  • For the Helm is part of the Endless Conference quest by talking to Khora and Chroma in Zora’s Domain. You have to find an island in the shape of a fish that is located to the east of the Ihen-a Shrine. The floating island is just above Zora’s domain and when you land you must go to the west side and look north where you will find a small entrance to the cave and inside a chest with the helmet.

Flamebreaker armor

It consists of the armor, the boots and the helmet, and they are bought in the armor shop in the city of Goron.

The armor is 700 rupees, the boots are 1200 rupees, and the helmet is 1400 rupees.

Snow Feather Armor

Both the headdress and the tunic and pants are bought at the store in Rito town.

The headdress costs 650 rupees, the robe costs 500 rupees, and the pants cost 1000 rupees.

fierce deity armor

It consists of the boots, the armor and the mask.

  • The boots are found in the ancient tree stump cave, you need to enter the hole through the tree stump and go through the cave to find the boots in a chest.
  • The armor is in the cave at the top of the ruins of the Akkala Citadel, for this go to the ruins, then towards the southwest side, until you locate a small hole through which you will have to crawl, advance through it until you find the corresponding chest.
  • Finally, for the mask you must go to the lake of the skull, and you will have to land in the eye socket further east until you locate the cave and inside you reach the final chest.

frog armor

It consists of the sleeve, the leggings and the hood.

To get the frog sleeve, you need to talk to Traysi and Penn to trigger a series of quests that require you to visit 12 stables across the map.

Each stable that you visit is linked to a particular series of missions, and you must do them gradually until you unlock each of the elements of this armor.

As you overcome the missions you will get the sleeve, also the leggings and the hood.

Glide Armor

It consists of the mask, the shirt and the stockings.

  • For the skin it is located in the sky islands, completing the Sihajog shrine and then completing the Zonai building challenge, and basically that challenge requires you to fall through floating rings in a time limit.
  • For the shirt, you need to finish the Zonai building challenge on Courage Island.
  • Finally, for the stockings you must complete the Zonai building challenge on bravery island.

In this way, you already know which are the best armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and what each of them is for.

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