The Callisto Protocol tips and tricks you probably don’t know

The Callisto Protocol tips and tricks you probably don't know

Surely you have spent a ”scary” weekend in The Callisto Protocol, the new science fiction and horror adventure from Striking Distance Studios. It’s an old school survival horrorset in an oppressive future envisioned by the creator of Dead Space.

It may not be overly innovative, but The Callisto Protocol gives us a classic horror experience, very similar to Dead Space but with its own personality.

In The Callisto Protocol there are combats, tough aliens (called biophagous)exploration, semi-open levels, a lot of back-tracking and scares everywhere.

If the game becomes a ball in the first hours, here you have The best tips and tricks to survive in The Callisto Protocolthe new horror game from Glen Schofield and Striking Distance Studios… now available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Tricks and tips to survive in Callisto

The Callisto Protocol is not an easy game. It’s not like it’s Sekiro or Dark Souls either, but there are times when we barely have ammunition and health is lowas in all good survival horror.

And that’s not to mention the fighting. In The Callisto Protocol we face an alien race known as biophagous, who will spit acid at us and try to tear us to pieces.

Your best allies are the staff, health injectors and dodges. Forget about ammunition, because it is scarce and many times the best thing to do is to run away… or give a good blow.

Here are the best tips and tricks for the Striking Distance Studios title:


  • The first thing to learn is that dodges are necessary in The Callisto Protocol, and NO, you can’t make them compatible with attacks. Or at least not simultaneously.
  • You will not be able to dodge while preparing your next attack. First plan your attackthen dodge and repeat the process again.
  • Enemies can block your attacks, so have more reflexes to face each situation. The game rewards you if you know how to anticipate the biophagous attacks.
  • If you get a chance to fire your weapon in close combat… do it. There is little ammunition, but if you do it right you will block his attack and you will be able to execute a counterattack combo.

Get resources and exploration

  • Look for health injectors in every corner. They are usually on the supports of the walls.
  • You can grab the boxes and place them anywhere. It is essential to reach injectors or other items that are in elevated positions.
  • keep an eye on the tool boxes (they usually glow blue).
  • Use your stick to break windows and glass structures.
  • Never heal yourself before exploring the scenarios well. We also recommend you stomp on enemies, because 90% of the time you will get injectors and other rewards.
  • If you see the save indicator, it means that you are following the main plot of The Callisto Protocol.
  • Do not throw enemies or their corpses far from the stage, because you could lose rewards.
  • As you progress through the game you can get more space for inventory.

upgrades and combat

  • don’t buy ammounless it is an extreme situation.
  • You can sell health injectors to get improvement points or GRP.
  • Melee combat is the best in the game. Upgrade your staff and learn to fight biophagous face to facebecause you will save ammo and can deal more damage.

Fight against the biophagous

  • take your time to memorize attack patterns of each enemy.
  • Sometimes you will have to fight many biophages at the same time. But a tip: normally only one will attack you, so focus on defeating it and let the next one pass.
  • We recommend you use charged attacks or heavy attacksto get rid of several enemies at once.
  • Use your enemies as shields against ranged attacks.
  • You can block acid spit if you push the joystick back just when they spit on you.

The Callisto Protocol is available from December 2 at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y PC. The compatible version suffers from several problems, waiting for a new patch.

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