The hardest Pokemon to evolve into Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The hardest Pokemon to evolve into Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The ninth generation Pokemon, in the games Pokemon Scarlet and Purple on Nintendo Switch, they introduce many new Pokemon that you can catch in Paldea. Many you can find in the wild, but many new rare Pokemon are also introduced.

Here we are going to review the most difficult new Pokemon to get in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Many have rare evolution methods, and they are very difficult to learn unless you know beforehand.

The hardest Pokemon to evolve into Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

We are going to go over some of the hardest Pokemon to get and evolve into Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. We haven’t included Legendaries, and we haven’t included Pokemon with rare spawn rates either, but Pokemon with unusual evolution methods.

Annihilape (evolution of Primeape)

The well-known Primeape (in turn an evolution of Mankey) debuts in the ninth generation as the third evolution of Mankey, but to obtain it you have to meet a requirement.

First we must have a Primeape (which evolves from Mankey at level 28). Then we must use Annihilape’s Fury Fist movement 20 times, before raising it one more level to obtain this new and spectacular evolution.

Gholdengo (Gimmighoul evolution)

One of the more unusual Pokemon is Gimmighoul, one that has two forms: the chest form and the walking form. The chest is only found at the top of the towers scattered throughout Paldea. You must capture one.

The wanderer can be found in many places, usually near Pokemon Centers, towns, or ruins. You can’t fight her, you’ll just pick up a Gimmighoul coin. The goal is to gather 999 Gimmighoul Coins for the chest-shaped Gimmi to evolve into Gholdendo.

To do this, farm coins by interacting with everyone you see, and climbing all the towers to defeat the rest of Gimmighoul (even if you kill them all, every day a random one spawns in some area). When you have 999 coins in your inventory, it will evolve to the next level you level it up.

Ceruledge and Armarouge (evolution of Charcadet)

The Ceruledge and Armarouge duo is one of the most popular new Pokemon introduced in Paldea, with the particularity that Ceruledge can only be obtained in Pokemon Purple, and Armarouge only in Pokemon Scarlet.

Both have similar methods. You must first find a Charcadet. It is a fairly common wild Pokemon in almost all areas of Paldea.

  • Ceruledge: If you play in Purple, you must get 10 Sinistea Shards, which you get by defeating wild Sinistea. To make it easier, use the function send pokemon with R to have them fight automatically.
  • When you have all 10 shards, take them to a man in Lode City who will give you armor. If you use it on Charcadet, it will evolve into Ceruledge.
  • Armarouge: If you play in Eacarlata, you must get 10 Bronzor Fragments, in the same way: defeating them in the wild.
  • When you have all 10 Bronzor Shards, take them to a man in Lode City to the northeast who will give you some armor. You must use it on Charcadet for it to evolve into Armarouge.

Palafin (evolution of Finizen)

One of the most popular new Pokemon is this dolphin Pokemon, which you can find regularly in the seas of Paldea, usually at low levels. But if you want to take its evolution, Palafinyou will have to visit a friend.

You need to get Finizen high first, to level 38. After that, go to another friend’s online game (using the Joining Circle). Raise it one more level, and it will evolve into Palafin.

Pawmot (evolution of Pawmi and Pawmo)

Pawmi, this cute Pokemon very common throughout Paldea, can evolve into Pawmo naturally at level 18. But for the third evolution, Pawmot, you must put it first in your team and take it out into the world (launch it with the ZR so it walks with you) .

after giving 1000 stepsPawmo, at any level, will evolve into Pawmot.

Brambleghast (evolution of Bramblin)

Resembling a ball of desert litter, this Pokemon has exactly the same evolution method as Pawmot. You must capture Bramblin, and then take him out with ZR or R so that 1000 steps. Bramblin will evolve into Brambleghast (there is no other evolution).

Kingambit (evolution of Bisharp)

Pawniard, a fifth-generation Pokemon, evolves into Bisharp at level 52, no less. But Paldea has introduced a third new evolution, Kingambit.

First you must capture a Bisharp, and for it to evolve into Kingambit it must meet a condition: have defeated three wild Bisharp that have leader badge (You will have it if you capture a wild Bisharp that is surrounded by Pawniard.) Therefore, look for the “alpha” Bisharp that are surrounded by other Pawniard and defeat them. When that happens, it will evolve to the next level it goes up.

Dudunsparce (Dunsparce evolution)

Paldea has introduced a new evolution for Dunsparce, a second generation Pokemon. Dudunsparce is a bit disappointing, because it is identical to Dunsparce, but a bit longer.

That said, if you want to get it, you have to teach Dunsparce the move hyperdrill. Only then will it evolve.

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