The hippogriff indicates the place in Hogwarts Legacy: solution to the map

The hippogriff indicates the place in Hogwarts Legacy: solution to the map

Other of the missions with which we are going to find ourselves in our games to Hogwarts Legacyis called “the hippogriff indicates the place”, and now we offer you the solution.

We are going to require exactly going to a certain place on the map in Hogwarts Legacy, and then solving a subsequent puzzle that is choking a lot of people.

So we are going to give you the exact location so that you can access the mission of the hippogriff indicates the place in Hogwarts Legacy, and also the resolution of the puzzle later that has to do with a series of braziers.

With this, we can continue increasing the level of our character and advancing in the story of Hogwarts Legacy.

The hippogriff indicates the place in Hogwarts Legacy: solution to the map

Well to start the mission from “the hippogriff indicates the place” in Hogwarts Legacy we must travel to Poidsear castle where you would first have to find the treasure map, which is on one of the tables.

Now we must go to Henrietta’s hideout that is located to the west of Clagmar castle.

When you arrive you will have to deal with a few enemies and after you clear the area you must enter the cavern below.

To do this you must open the doors by matching the burning cube with the flame icon and the same with the frozen cube. It’s basically casting a flame spell when the correct cube is on the correct icon, and this should cause the door to open.

On the other side you will find as many enemies and you must eliminate them.

puzzle solution

Well, you must extinguish the braziers, or not, in a certain order. Stand in front of the statue as shown in the graphic clue and then extinguish the braziers that we are going to tell you about using the Glacio spell.

  • The one you have right in front of the statue must be turned off.
  • The one on your left too.
  • You should keep the next one that is on.
  • extinguish the following
  • Keep the next one on
  • extinguish the following
  • Keep the last two on

If you’ve done it right, a back wall should open to reveal the treasure chest we’re looking for so much.

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