The most difficult Marvel Snap locations and how to deal with them

The most difficult Marvel Snap locations and how to deal with them

learn to play Marvel Snap It doesn’t just require knowing the best cards, strategies with the archetypes, and the best decks. It is also important to know the field of play, because it can greatly condition the future of a game, and force us to adapt and improvise.

Currently (February 2, 2023) according to the Marvel Snap Zone database there are 120 locations in Marvel Snap, with new ones being added every week… and with increasingly twisted effects.

The locations are totally random, although there are also appearance rates and days of prominent locations where they appear more often. Therefore, here we highlight some of the most common locations with Adverse effectsand how we can deal with them.

The Toughest Marvel Snap Locations (And How To Deal With Them)

Many of the “damnest” locations in Marvel Snap have as effect destroy cards. Murderworld, for example, destroy all cards played there after turn 3; Dominions of Death, which destroys any card you play there; danger roomwhere cards have a 25% chance of being destroyed; The formwhere the first card you play is destroyed, or Rickety Bridgewhich destroys the rest of the cards if you have more than one.

These locations can be a boon when playing the destroy archetype, with cards receiving buffs if destroyed. Not all are valid in all places. Bucky Barneswhich transforms into the most powerful Winter Soldier when it is destroyed, will also end up destroyed in Rickety Bridge, where we should play with Wolverinesince when Wolverine is destroyed it moves to another location with +2 power.

Playing “sacrifice” cards can be a lot of fun and a killer combo with Altar of Deatha rare location where you destroy the card you play… to get +2 energy next turn.

Therefore, it is interesting to have in our deck cards that improve if destroyed. You can filter by destroy effect on the deck build screen. Failing that, they also serve counter cards, such as Colossus o Armorwhich are indestructible.

The Collector2-1 is one of my favorite cards because it often benefits from a lot of location effects: You get +1 power when a card comes into your hand from anywhere other than your deck.

Locations like the Triskelion (fills your hand with random cards), Luke’s Bar (when you play a card there, it returns it to your hand), The Hub (adds a random card)

Similar to the destroy effects, move and discard archetypes they can also benefit from locations. Think about the benefits cards like Multiple Manwhich clones itself when moved, in locations like Bifrost (move all cards to the right on turn 4) or K’un Lun (When a card is moved there, it gets +2 power.)

Other locations have directly negative effects, such as Sewer System (cards have -1 power) or Joutenheim (cards lose +1 power each time). In those cases, cards with continuous effects are recommended. This cheap deck (pool 1 and 2) with Spectrum or Onslaught at the end will allow you to power up cards that add up to a lot of extra points, like Blue Marvel or Iron Man.

Finally, there are some locations that completely disrupt the game. Limbo adds a turn 7 to the game… while the TVA end the game on turn 4. In those cases, you’ll have to improvise! And if things go badly, maybe Snapping as a bluff will scare the opponent away…

Although sometimes it may be good for you to lose: in Bar with no name The one with the fewest points will win. AND Ego y Worldshipwhich are ultra-rare locations, are game-breaking: Ego takes control of the game and plays for you, and Worldship destroys all other locations.

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